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elementary-add icons ######## Recommends ######## On elementary OS for better looki... 2 4
Shimmer Project Daily Daily builds of the Shimmer Project's projects. * shimmer-the... 4 75
projects this PPA is a aditional for brazilian users by elementary OS B... 14 21
eutility elementary Utility is a small application that makes user life... 1 1
tomatick-daily Daily build of tomatick. To install tomatick you will need l... 1 3
elementary Resources for elementary 40 65
Elementary Tweaks A clone of Elementary Update by Versatile fixed for elementary... 20 19
Elementary Update PPA A supplementary PPA for elementaryOS Luna, providing elementar... 48 104
elementary Daily (Raring) ATTENTION! Do NOT install this PPA if you want a tested runnin... 56 116
elementary Community icon themes for Freya elementary Community icon themes, ported to Freya. 6 6
elementary Daily ATTENTION! Do NOT install this PPA if you want a tested runnin... 136 1310
eOS Jupiter A PPA containing apps backported to elementary Jupiter and Jup... 23 54
Packages for Elementary Packages for Elementary OS. Ported and fixed (I hope) 3 3
AppUpdate Testing Ubuntu AppUpdate has been discontinued. More info: http://ubu... 108 302
Elementary Tweaks Daily PPA Daily build from Elementary Tweaks source. 1 4
Loki elementary Tweaks system settings panel for elementary OS Loki that lets you eas... 1 2
AppUpdate Stable Ubuntu AppUpdate has been discontinued. More info: http://ubu... 101 285
Elementary-style Some software in elementary style! 6 26
Enlightenment & EFL Enlightenment DR19, EFL 1.13, Terminology 0.8, Erigo 0.9.1, En... 14 39
Moorhen Nautilus Nautilus Elementary 4 19
PPA for Michael Applications for Elementary OS 1 1
Pacifica Icon Theme Another Icon Theme for Linux. This pack is a mixture of many f... 1 4
eOS Programs for Elementary OS 2 6
elementary OS specific patches (Raring) DO NOT ADD THIS PPA!!! Here dwell patched Ubuntu packages whi... 21 131
elementary Xfce PPA (daily) Daily builds of the elementary-xfce fork: 1 4
APP Multimedia Tested adobeair -------------------:adobe air apt-fast --------------... 72 159
Desktop Settings Change Enso desktop settings - a fork of elementarys Pantheon ... 1 1
EOS Build Test Temporary PPA to perform test builds of various Elementary OS ... 1 0
Elementary Apps Elementary OS compliant apps. 1 1
GCleaner GCleaner is a port of CCleaner for Elementary OS Freya and Ubu... 1 1
Galal Gala - light A fork of the elementary WM gala to remove some ... 1 1
Haguichi Elementary PPA Haguichi builds for elementary OS 1 1
Hardcode Tray fixer Hardcode Tray fixer is a python script to fix the none monochr... 1 1
Midori Development Development version of midori midori: GTK+2 version midori-gtk... 2 30
Notes Up 1.3+ Markdown notes editor & manager for elementary os. See https:/... 1 1
PPA for Carsten Uppenbrink Don't use if you don't use the Elementary Design. Packages fo... 4 19
PPA for Viko Adi Rahmawan Contains : * KDE Connect Indicator for Ubuntu and elementary O... 2 15
Panther Launcher Panther launcher for Enso A fork of Panther launcher which is... 1 1
Plank & Gala Plank and gala builds Perfect if you don't need elementary ppa... 2 22
Projects Notes-Up, Wallpaperize, Messenger indicator, iViewer and a few... 3 6
Pruebas en VALA Un repositorio PPA para probar compilaciones de recetas (recip... 1 1
Relay This PPA is for a new sleek streamlined IRC client. It is desi... 1 3
TSBarnes' Misc. Packages Various software I've packaged, mostly from I... 13 120
elementary OS patches This PPA is intended to be used with elementary OS https://ele... 1 3
elementary OS specific patches This PPA is essentially required by elementary OS 116 1051
elementary-builds build environment for elementary 3 2
elementary-expansion (inofficial ppa) This is NOT an official PPA from elementary. 1 1
sleef SLEEF (SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions) is a ... 1 4
UniDockyNapse Repositories 35 105
Kyle Agronick Packages that I have made, compiled, forked, or worked on. 4 71
themes Depot des themes construit par le site 25 130
Tevo45 Personal PPA A PPA that have random things (including ports). Some of them ... 47 40
elementary 55 50
ElementaryMOD 64 72
PantheonMOD 64 138
elementary Stable 122 647
eOS_St PPA for educacional purpose 121 642
Elementary Tweaks Isis 5 6
PPA elementaryOS Fr Dépôt communautaire PPA d'ElementaryOS-fr http://www.elementar... 48 63
TESTING DO NOT USE THIS PPA! It's for testing purposes only. 20 89
Trusty Quasi Rolling Updated packages for Ubuntu Trusty 807 2688
WebUpd8 Themes Repository Various GTK / Metacity themes and icon themes that do not have... 59 345
elementary Testing 11 56
Burg 65 109
Canola Stable Packages for Canola and dependencies 46 325
Collection of icons PPA This PPA contains different icons from different creators but ... 105 551
JoeOS-universe (natty) universe for JoeOS based on ubuntu natty 26 56
LffL Gnome 3 PPA esclusivo per Gnome 3 PPA for the latest version of Gno... 9 44
PPA for Valentin Rocher 60 60
Personal Personal collection Ubuntu Package 47 47
Plymouth Manager In this ppa you can find the latest stable release of Plymouth... 47 188
Plymouth Themes Portal PPA Repository PPA repository maintained by packaging team of http://www.plym... 15 59
Super-Boot-Manager Super-Boot-Manger is a simple gui created with buc (http://buc... 98 693
Test 3 13
175 of 175 results