Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
emesene-daily ppa the ppa for emesene, updated daily (STILL NOT ENABLED BECAUSE ... 1 2
emesene-stable ppa A ppa containing the latest stable release of emesene 2 7
PPA for Niels Egberts Currently houses only emesene 1.0.1 and gdc 1 1
Blinking Messaging Menu 1 8
Linux Deepin 83 177
Random Experimental Sandbox i wouldn't suggest to keep this in sources.list 7 129
Borea OS LXDE A collection of gtk2 apps for improved speed on a distro based... 38 209
Emesene2-Eserver Emesene2 packages 1 4
Kroq-gar78's PPA My PPA for random stuff. In this PPA: - SlickPong - a Java ga... 9 83
LffL Natty Applicazioni Aggiornate per Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal in vers... 36 58
PPA for Andrea Piccinelli Some programs I use and try to package. They are very unstable... 54 222
PPA for B.J. Stobiecki Experimental PPA Don't use if you're not interested. 4 9
PPA for Hugues Fournier Experimental packages for future inclusion or testing, and bac... 15 111
Peppermint This is the old PPA for Peppermint OS. Please see the new PPA ... 71 203
preview This is the preview for Unity WebApps for Ubuntu Quantal (12.1... 33 317
115 of 15 results