Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
APP Multimedia Tested adobeair -------------------:adobe air apt-fast --------------... 76 172
gauche My extensions for the Gauche scheme interpreter. gauche-eog c... 20 39
DBuster testing PPA Testing builds of DBuster (lib and server). See project page ... 6 56
PPA for Anders M-Pedersen Some packages that I have been missing 6 19
SMW's uTouch Test builds of uTouch-based packages. May contain leading-edg... 6 32
ljt-precise libjpeg-turbo precise validation 31 239
nemo Nemo file manager 13 60
packages Random packages that I have an interest in 10 74
tempcsd Temporary PPA to demonstrate dropping header bar patches http... 7 35
Experimental packages This PPA contains all the bleeding edge packages. Please use a... 2 24
PPA for Markus Korn 18 40
White Duke Team 2 1
GNOME3 Staging This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are uploaded... 223 2679
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 35 93
PPA for Janvitus Personal packages for GNOME/GTK, from uPure64 to PPA. Use at y... 89 542
PPA for feranick Backports of commonly used programs to earlier version of ubun... 16 72
PPA named unstable for Julien Lavergne Current packages developement. It contains package not availab... 56 459
Wolf-app 33 149
Zorin OS Patches Operating System patches necessary for Zorin OS. 37 343
my tools tools -- config files- CLI utils etc. 17 75
120 of 20 results