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Doubango Doubango framework, webrtc2sip and the necessary dependencies ... 4 24
Multimedia for Bionic Basic stuff for now. mpv here has vaporsynth support, general ... 24 70
Just Looking2 (libav11 & FFmpeg Use at your own risk, (everything works ok here but.. Also not... 52 311
FFmpeg CAUTION: PPA is not under active support. Fresh ffmpeg instal... 6 117
Bino 3D player with FFmpeg 0.8 This PPA contains Bino 3D video player ( 1 8
Ubuntu Multimedia for Trusty Upgraded, advanced or not normally available multimedia packag... 69 252
NGINX-based Media Streaming Server - testing NGINX-based Media Streaming Server - testing 'nginx-extras' (... 2 25
PCSX-Reloaded (unofficial) EN: Daily builds of PCSX-Reloaded (or PCSXR), maybe the best o... 11 506
Cutting Edge Multimedia This archive contains updated builds of FFMPEG, Xine, Mplayer,... 16 150
Odroid XBMC A XBMC build for the Hardkernel OdroiD export TARGET_SUBARCH=... 1 0
FFmpeg current release plus git Just a test. This would be one way to allow ffmpeg from curren... 7 26
QWinFF Media Converter Project homepage: QWinFF is a cross-p... 1 11
PPA for Roland Hieber Various custom backports and buxfixes for Lucid: * FFmpeg 0.6... 6 16
FFMPEG 3 Backport and/or package of FFMPEG 3 and key libraries *** Cu... 15 185
FFmpeg builds Some backported FFmpeg build and media-libraries. If you want... 23 349
Ubuntu Multimedia for Xerus Some better or fixed multimedia packages for Xenial. For mpv l... 33 150
Static FFmpeg Real FFmpeg, not Libav Copied from FFmpeg builds by Burek. ht... 2 3
Bino 3D Player Bino is a video player with the following main features: ... 2 4
ClipGrab PPA This PPA contains the latest stable version of ClipGrab for LT... 1 4
ScreenStudio ScreenStudio By Patrick Balleux. Home page: http://screenstudi... 1 7
ffmulticonverter FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical application for Linux... 1 4
movie thumbnailer Movie Thumbnailer (mtn) saves thumbnails (screenshots) of movi... 1 1
OpenCV FFmpeg This PPA contain OpenCV compiled with real FFmpeg from ~adrozd... 1 49
Screencastor Screencastor : Capture audio / video of the screen via FFmpeg ... 3 261
FFmpeg next This PPA provides backported release ffmpeg for current releas... 3 51
ffmpeg-next ffmpeg-next for xenial to get around apt-get error of original... 3 7
FFmpeg 2.2 from Debian This repository contains FFmpeg 2.2 from the in-progress packa... 1 20
ffmpeg ffmpeg built from trunk with a patch for SRT output support in... 3 111
Multimedia Processing PPA to hold up to date versions of leading software releases t... 12 132
lucidbleed experimental This PPA provides experimental builds of backports from Maveri... 49 202
FFMPEG FFMPEG backport from Xenial 5 61
ffmpeg This PPA contains ffmpeg packages rebuilt with libass enabled ... 1 66
get-iplayer get_iplayer lists, searches and records BBC iPlayer TV and Rad... 5 63
Blu-ray support for Lucid, vlc1.2-git ,Mplayer                                              Do not install th... 29 176
ffmpeg ffmpeg with extra codecs 1 17
ffmpeg-svn Current ffmpeg and x264 packages. Codecs friendly builds. 2 20
funkcode-multimedia Containing only Backported Multimedia Code (FFMPEG, Mediatomb,... 4 23
3-hevc-base PPA for a VDR with basic h265 support & new FFMPEG-3.3.0 34 117
FFMPEG 4 Backport of FFMPEG-4 and associated libraries. Now includes AO... 16 194
FFmpeg 4 FFmpeg 4 on Bionic, for amd64 and arm64 2 30
PPA for FreshMedia Fresh unrestricted media packages. If you feel like there is ... 9 210
ffmpeg frozen version of ffmpeg from ppa:mc3man/trusty-media 68 225
ffmpeg-backports Backports of newer versions of ffmpeg to older versions of ubu... 4 59
ffmpeg-deinterlace ffmpeg with an experimental patch to improve deinterlacing whe... 9 57
media ffmpeg & stuff 3 37
FFMPEG iPhone Rotate Build of FFMPEG that rotates iPhone videos correctly 1 1
FFmpeg Daily Builds This PPA contains daily builds of FFmpeg that are built from t... 6 138
PPA for Blender 2.4 and 2.7 Provide Blender 2.4 and 2.7 packages which can be installed si... 13 184
QtAV A high performance and cross-platform multimedia playback fram... 1 56
ffmpeg FFmpeg is an audio and video converter and player framework. 1 1
ffmpeg Extended ffmpeg build. 1 1
gst-ffmpeg Build the ffmpeg plugins for gstreamer-0.10 serial. 1 0
lucidbleed This PPA currently publishes packages for Lucid, backported fr... 121 492
3-hevc-vdr PPA for a VDR with basic h265 support & new FFMPEG-3.3.0 153 277
Blender A revival of Irie Shinsuke's PPA: Blender 2.8 is compiled with... 7 63
FFmpeg 4 FFmpeg 4 for Trusty for Olive's AppImage builds 2 2
Linphone (release) Look here for updated release versions of Linphone. To enable... 27 505
Mplayer daily svn builds daily builds of mplayer with internal FFmpeg  no gui or mencod... 7 37
Mpv media player (FFmpeg version) For unity & gnome-shell docks > the mpv icon > r. click will p... 14 79
OBS MultiPlatform This is an UNOFFICIAL PPA for OBS MultiPlatform (aka OBS Studi... 1 3
PPA for Daniele Napolitano * UPnP Router Control * 2 6
PPA for Noam Lewis OpenCV package for Jaunty re-built to circumvent problems conc... 1 8
QWinFF FFmpeg Qt5 GUI for converting and cutting audio and video Pack... 1 8
Stable builds of the MPV Media Player Back in action. Built with libcaca and libmpg123 support, as ... 1 2
audio-tools several audio tools for analysis and processing audio === rms... 2 9
easy-next-vdr This is my personal Test-PPA - install only if you know what y... 145 263
ffmpeg experimental ppa to test new ffmpeg packages USE WITH CAUTION 9 70
kdenlive-svn SVN builds from kdenlive. Enjoy! WARNING: NOTICE THAT THIS PP... 2 3
m3u8-segmenter M3U8 segmenter is an Apple HTTP Live Segmenter. It takes an MP... 1 0
my-test This is my personal Test-PPA - install only if you know what y... 76 146
my-vdr This is my personal Test-PPA - install only if you know what y... 144 266
numediart-deps Useful dependencies for numediart projects, more up-to-date th... 9 80
opencv-3.2 Based on ... 2 141
opencv-3.3 Based on ... 2 215
opencv-3.3 Based on 1 62
175 of 455 results