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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Pkexec enabled gedit builds Testing builds for Precise & Raring for a pkexec enabled gedit... 1 6
GTK+3 with the Broadway (HTML5) backend This is a rebuild of the GTK+3 Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 and ... 1 67
Gedit Collaboration Plugin gedit collaboration plugin provides support for collaborative ... 1 3
Gedit Developer Plugins Unstable Daily builds of developer packages for python the gedit. Versi... 5 25
Newer GTK+3 with the Broadway (HTML5) backend This is rebuild of Gtk+ 3.8 (with broadwayd) taken from https:... 1 14
Until JACK is included in main Contains audio-related packages for which JACK support has bee... 4 49
Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds PPA Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds These packages are built dire... 8 55
Gedit BC Plugins - Stable Releases This PPA contains packages for Gedit BC Developer Plugins. 7 43
More Gedit plugins! This PPA contains all my packaged gedit plugins. 4 4
Gedit Developer Plugins Packages for gedit, plugins, and python. And some tomboy addit... 5 30
PPA for David D Short This PPA contains a growing range of useful little utilities t... 19 56
SuperCollider on Ubuntu (PPA) Stable releases of SuperCollider. For a standard install on U... 1 136
gedit-solarized Solarized color scheme for gedit. 1 2
Better font rendering Provides much better font rendering. * Applies infinality pat... 2 16
PPA named farsi for Hassanake Vazir Package updates, backports and patches for farsi ( Persian ) s... 3 9
SSLGUI-SSHConnect SSLGUI-GUI for connecting to athena Only for Ubuntu 12.04 Meth... 1 1
Unofficial Mintcoin PPA (built from github sources) This PPA hosts *unofficial* MintCoin builds based on github so... 1 8
Wayland GTK Patched Default behavior of Ubuntu Quantal's primary interface is to t... 1 13
Wayland GTK Quantal Ubuntu's default interface as of the Quantal release includes ... 1 13
unzip Unzip package, which correctly prints/shows non-latin characte... 1 1
gedit-inyoka 2 16
gnome311b 12 40
Daily Builds Daily Builds 5 41
Fixes 5 34
PPA for B Clausius Nasty hacks, experimental features and fixes, use at your own ... 23 220
PPA for Robie Basak 4 32
PPA named gedit-plugins for Andrew 2 2
Vala PPA Vala packages and some related libraries which are activly mai... 15 235
gsoc2010 Items related to work for Ubuntu's summer of code project on i... 1 3
nnnn 3 3
testing 36 156
All you need for Ruby/Rails development on Ubuntu Useful stuff for ruby and rails developers Please, report bug... 16 86 PPA Contains the following packages: - Qnotero (formerly Gnotero)... 11 64
Collaborative Tools Tools for collaboration 9 86
Dan's PPA PPA builds by Dan that might be slightly experimental. Current... 8 81
Desktop Trusty 12 35
Experimental packages This PPA contains all the bleeding edge packages. Please use a... 2 24
Experiments Kills your cat. 4 22
LoCo Team for Test Space Myanmar Font, Keyboard and Wallpaper and other tester Applicat... 32 82
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 31 56
My Personal PPA This PPA is for my personal use 68 323
Nautilus actions extra Offical release PPA for nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-action... 22 131
Nautilus actions extra (Daily) Daily PPA of nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-actions-extra    ... 22 131
Neo@NHNG's PPA 1 1
PPA This archive contains SuperCollider packages, some packages, r... 13 115
PPA for Andrea Gasparini 48 116
PPA for Boogaloojb 1 2
PPA for Denis Fuenzalida My own software and other packages used as examples for my doc... 6 10
PPA for Guadalinex Members 15 19
PPA for Jagz1220 1 9
PPA for Jimmy Pinto Stelzer 5 5
PPA for Markus Korn 18 40
PPA for Neesha Anderson 1 1
PPA for Oliver Gerlich 2 4
RabbitVCS 2 78
RabbitVCS Testing Beta releases for RabbitVCS. 4 85
Stuff for Alchemy OS In this repository I put some PC utilities that are used for a... 4 16
Toonloop Toonloop Live Stop Motion Animation Software and audio-visual ... 7 41
Ubuntu Myanmar Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team PPA. Welcome form Myanmar LoCo Team. ... 33 74
Yunqiang Su Don't use it. It is just used by myself for testing. 8 20
Zeitgeist Development snapshots of the Zeitgeist engine and related prod... 7 27
aymeric's PPA mixed bag of bits and bytes... 16 29
nautilus-actions-extra This PPA is obselete please use either ______Daily build PPA ... 19 41
puredyne PPA packages for the puredyne live distribution. 132 460
AVR This archive contains the programs for work with the Atmel AVR... 2 4
Backports PPA These are packages that I wanted backported to the current sta... 60 204
GNOME3 Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. fro... 188 2127
GNOME3 Staging This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are copied t... 152 1560
PPA for Jerome Soyer 43 90
PPA named unstable for Julien Lavergne Current packages developement. It contains package not availab... 55 445
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox backports PPA maintained by WebUpd8: http://www.web... 19 144
Sage Sage ( is a free open-source mathematics soft... 6 13
matttbe This ppa can contain some testing packages of Cairo-Dock and o... 82 643
173 of 73 results