Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Justin's PPA tarsnap, git, and git-annex packages 9 72
git-annex This repository contains updated `git-annex` packages based on... 3 13
Build deps for git-annex vivid backport (old) Backport of git-annex build dependencies from wily to vivid 254 1529
Haskell Backports from Wily (old) Backport of ghc 7.8 and dependencies of git-annex from the Wil... 266 1565
git-annex Backport of git-annex from Debian unstable THE PRECISE PACKAG... 238 709
git-annex Unofficial/unsupported git-annex backports for Quantal/Precise... 56 170
Backports 12 46
Chris Weyl's PPA These are the packages I use on my own systems (or development... 39 75
PPA for Rolf Leggewie This is my general-purpose PPA. For LTS support and backports... 17 29
19 of 9 results