Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
gtkpod Latest stable release of gtkpod with mp4 support enabled. 1) ... 2 8
gtkpod-2.0.1-beta Beta version of gtkpod 2.0.1. 1 8
PPA for iPod Touch Packages for Ubuntu Gutsy that provide improved iPod Touch sup... 11 19
gtkpod-2.0.0 1 7
Early Application Updates This archive contains newer versions of software that already ... 33 106
NIOHIANI PPA Fixes for a few issues in Xubuntu Trusty (and Xfce 4.12), upda... 54 129
PPA for melchiorre I programmi che uso pacchettizzati da me 6 28
Test Build Repository The packages in this archive are not meant for general use. 21 108
Ubuntu Tweaks This archive contains modified versions of Ubuntu packages, to... 7 65
PPA for Marcelo Boveto Shima Personal packages. ATTENTION: YOU SHOULD ADD THE TEAM PPA TOO... 17 49
slimfast An experimental repo of repackaged packages with less dependan... 4 7
111 of 11 results