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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
nvidia-graphics-drivers-396 - 396.26 copy of staging (do not u... **ATTENTION: BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING THIS SNAPSHOT BUILD, ... 1 49
Blender A revival of Irie Shinsuke's PPA: Blender 2.8 is compiled with... 7 63
Build dependencies for travis-ci This PPA is used by OpenChange's travis-ci to install a newer ... 11 94
Happy Things Happy Little Packages 3 2
Kemper-Redd IT PPA Kemper-Redd IT's PPA. If you don't know who that is, odds are... 5 5
Librepilot 15.09 R616 Xenial To install: sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teddy7x/librepilot... 1 1
My *Precise* Last update: 25/07/2013 Next update: 25/08/2013 #############... 1310 3100
PPA 4 This repository only for trusty designed for penetration testi... 460 745
Tinc (Development version) This PPA provides the latest development version of tinc, the ... 1 8
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS :: Updates This is a personal package archive to continue the support of ... 54 394
Ubuntu Repository for Prudence Prudence is an open source container and framework for scalabl... 14 14
Virtualization backports for Precise Backports from Saucy to Precise, for QEMU/KVM netcf/spice/usbr... 21 97
bcfg2 made happy for huge_pages to be used on the saucy builds 1 4
nOS Infinity - Proposed This PPA contains some proposed features, packages and changes... 3 3
witty-3.3.1 This is an update of Pau Garcia i Quiles' PPA of Witty, the C+... 1 28
Favorite Packages 10 62
GHC Convenient packages for GHC releases from http://www.haskell.o... 46 394
GHC (EOL) Last resting place for packages for EOL'ed Ubuntu LTS releases... 37 103
GHC (WSL/staging) 4 30
GHC from Debian unstable Due to the bug in, Ecli... 28 83
Haskell PPA for gspreemann PPA for maintaining more up-to-date versions of Haskell-relate... 22 134
Haskell Platform The Haskell Platform, ported from debian. See http://hackage.... 12 31
PS3 Media Server Official Ubuntu packages for PS3 Media Server (https://code.go... 2 13
Themes by Satya This PPA contains various themes for Gnome and Xfce. 17 68
124 of 24 results