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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
The Daily Inkscape This PPA contains daily automated Inkscape builds. These build... 4 27
LffL Inkscape PPA esclusivo per l'ultima versione disponibile di Inkscape P... 1 3
Backports of Inkscape stable releases This is a (semi)-official PPA with Inkscape backports for all ... 1 4
Inkscape Stable The Inkscape Stable PPA is intended to provide the current sup... 1 7
Inkscape Trunk The Inkscape Trunk PPA is intended to provide trunk builds for... 4 76
PPA for Inkscape Nightly Uploader Nightly Builds of Inkscape Trunk 1 3
Bleeding Graphics Apps PPA for bleeding edge graphics apps (sometimes including branc... 2 18
Inkscape My personal package versions of the Inkscape vector graphics e... 1 3
ZYV's Private Package Archive Some officially unsupported packages that I build: *) Midnigh... 15 30
inkscape Inkscape :) 1 2
inkscape with cyhon binding This is inkscape with python binding for pyink plugin. Pyink ... 1 2
inkscape-el Contains Inkscape for Lucid, along with the latest Greek trans... 1 1
All packages in one place What's in here? -> Inkscape svn builds for karmic 2 6
Cutter Cutter is a tool to interface with the Cricut line of products... 1 8
Inkscape Lucid Dependencies This PPA contains backported packages from various Debian and ... 1 6
PPA for stani Bleeding edge repositories for Phatch, SPE and sK1. This PPA i... 2 9
Patchy Compiler This PPA contains GCC with the fix from 1 85
wacom packages related to wacom tablets drivers. * xf86-input-wacom... 2 6
Backports Backported packages for precise 15 68
PPA for Ulf Adams Some software I use, so I don't have to install it on all my m... 6 9
stagingppa Hard to find updates of random applications I like. 6 16
PPA for Ben Lau Repository for software developed by Ben Lau 5 8
PPA for Kgtk packaging team 3 18
PPA for Leo Albert Jackson Jr 2 3
PPA for PaulSchulz This PPA is my first PPA and currently contains two types of p... 6 17
deviantArt Plugins Provides access to the deviantArt stash API from a number of d... 3 20
elementary Daily (Raring) ATTENTION! Do NOT install this PPA if you want a tested runnin... 56 116
Baltix oem-archive (no translations and changelogs) Workaround for pkgstripfiles feature "don't do anything for PP... 12 55
Default This is default repository 5 12
ElementaryMOD 64 72
Inkboard This repository is for Inkboard application 3 6
Inkscape test builds 1 2
Karmic Backports Backported packages from Lucid 5 91
LffL Lucid Testing Applicazioni Aggiornate per Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid in versione Tes... 22 60
MatLinuxer2 This is a personal repository 4 7
PPA for Brian just random crap I use :P 1 1
PPA for CAE Team 39 171
PPA for JessyInk This PPA is signed. You may wa... 1 3
PPA for Lubomír Sedlář 3 3
PPA for Mathieu Comandon This is the PPA i use to distibute my own software, I also use... 10 15
PPA for Philipp Kern Packages I backport for my own use and staged bug fixes. 4 16
PPA for Ted Gould 36 121
PPA for xtknight Contains many packages with bugfixes that I'm testing. 21 112
PantheonMOD 64 138
Precise Updates Contains the most recent updates of some useful packages for U... 23 42
Programs PPA sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa For Calibre... 12 50
Programs2 PPA-Precise sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa2 For Calibr... 19 96
Vision(s) default Backported packages for the Vision(s) default installation 10 20
Vision(s) default Backported packages for the Vision(s) default installation 10 78
backports-testing This PPA is a repository for the Ubuntu Studio backports testi... 15 31
ppa for sunab personal packages 4 15
sozi-release Sozi is a small program that can play animated presentations. ... 1 5
152 of 52 results