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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
The Daily Inkscape This PPA contains daily automated Inkscape builds. These build... 4 29
LffL Inkscape PPA esclusivo per l'ultima versione disponibile di Inkscape P... 1 3
Backports of Inkscape stable releases This is a (semi)-official PPA with Inkscape backports for all ... 1 4
Inkscape Stable The Inkscape Stable PPA is intended to provide the current sup... 1 19
Inkscape Trunk Daily The Inkscape Trunk PPA is intended to provide trunk builds for... 4 97
PPA for Inkscape Nightly Uploader Nightly Builds of Inkscape Trunk 1 3
Inkscape Backport of Inkscape, the rather awesome vector graphics program 7 39
Inkscape My personal package versions of the Inkscape vector graphics e... 1 3
Inkscape Stable Daily (0.92.x) The Inkscape Stable Daily PPA provides nightly snapshots of th... 1 7
ZYV's Private Package Archive Some officially unsupported packages that I build: *) Midnigh... 16 36
inkscape Inkscape :) 1 2
inkscape-el Contains Inkscape for Lucid, along with the latest Greek trans... 1 1
All packages in one place What's in here? -> Inkscape svn builds for karmic 2 6
Bleeding Graphics Apps PPA for bleeding edge graphics apps (sometimes including branc... 11 23
Cutter Cutter is a tool to interface with the Cricut line of products... 1 8
Inkscape Lucid Dependencies This PPA contains backported packages from various Debian and ... 1 6
PPA for ScislaC Inkscape-SVN Development Versions - These packages can be inst... 1 1
PPA for stani Bleeding edge repositories for Phatch, SPE and sK1. This PPA i... 2 9
Patchy Compiler This PPA contains GCC with the fix from 1 85
wacom packages related to wacom tablets drivers. * xf86-input-wacom... 2 6
PPA named inkscape-cmake for Mc 1 3
PPA for Ulf Adams Some software I use, so I don't have to install it on all my m... 6 9
PPA for Ben Lau Repository for software developed by Ben Lau 5 8
PPA for Kgtk packaging team 3 18
PPA for PaulSchulz This PPA is my first PPA and currently contains two types of p... 6 17
Private PPA 15 20
atareao-team Applications from atareao 40 221
atareao-team Applications from atareao 40 221
deviantArt Plugins Provides access to the deviantArt stash API from a number of d... 3 20
elementary Daily (Raring) ATTENTION! Do NOT install this PPA if you want a tested runnin... 56 116
Artivity 9 11
Backports Backported packages for trusty 69 295
Baltix oem-archive (no translations and changelogs) Workaround for pkgstripfiles feature "don't do anything for PP... 14 61
Customizing Customizing 2 2
Default This is default repository 5 12
Delay Apps Gnome Apps for LTS Ubuntu * Initial release 14.04.2 and gnome... 20 116
ElementaryMOD 64 72
Inkboard This repository is for Inkboard application 3 6
Inkscape 1 5
Inkscape test builds 1 2
Karmic Backports Backported packages from Lucid 5 91
LffL Lucid Applicazioni Aggiornate per Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid in versione STA... 186 388
LffL Lucid Testing Applicazioni Aggiornate per Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid in versione Tes... 21 60
MatLinuxer2 This is a personal repository 4 7
PPA for Brian just random crap I use :P 1 1
PPA for CAE Team 29 87
PPA for JessyInk This PPA is signed. You may wa... 1 3
PPA for Lubomír Sedlář 3 4
PPA for Mathieu Comandon This is the PPA i use to distibute my own software, I also use... 9 11
PPA for Philipp Kern Packages I backport for my own use and staged bug fixes. 6 25
PPA for xtknight Contains many packages with bugfixes that I'm testing. 21 112
PantheonMOD 64 138
Programs backported from Ubuntu/Debian sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa All LTS pac... 25 131
Programs backported from Ubuntu/Debian (LTS) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa2 For Calibr... 23 131
Trusty Backports Contains the backports of some useful packages for Ubuntu 14.0... 25 61
Ubuntu Trusty 1 1
Vision(s) default Backported packages for the Vision(s) default installation 10 20
Vision(s) default Backported packages for the Vision(s) default installation 10 78
backports-testing This PPA is a repository for the Ubuntu Studio backports testi... 15 31
c42-backport The c42-backport ppa contains backports from more current vers... 168 1835
elementary Stable 123 650
inkscape 1 3
media Up-to-date media applications 19 139
ppa for sunab 2 (sandbox) This is a sandbox! Don't use it as long as your are not invite... 12 79
sozi-release Sozi is a small program that can play animated presentations. ... 3 11
xenial backports 4 40
166 of 66 results