Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Kubuntu Backports Backports of new versions of KDE Platform, Plasma and Applicat... 444 3619
Kubuntu Backports Landing Test Repository for Packages that will land in Kubuntu Backpor... 122 687
Kubuntu Beta Backports Unsupported backports of beta versions of Plasma and major KDE... 123 689
Kubuntu CI Frameworks Landing 37 277
Kubuntu CI Stable Direct landing PPA - highly fluctuating DO NOT USE THIS UNLES... 428 7654
Kubuntu Ninjas - Plasma Ninjas testing PPA. Do not install packages from this PPA unle... 78 486
Kubuntu Staging Frameworks Work in progress KDE Frameworks packages, DO NOT USE ON PRODUC... 80 1443
netrunner-15-ci-kf57 netrunner-15-ci-kf57 63 261
netrunner-15-ci-stable netrunner-15-ci-stable Stablelized Basic Qt5.4, KF5.6 and Plas... 129 632
19 of 9 results