Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

19 of 9 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
texlive-backports Backport of 2015-12 texlive packages from xenial to trusty. C... 20 114
LaTeXila Daily Here you can find the latest development version of LaTeXila. ... 2 20
LaTeXila Testing This PPA contains beta releases of LaTeXila. This is NOT the s... 3 22
Misc: Experimental Builds It's not advised to use this ppa ;) For Cairo-Dock => https:/... 7 42
PPA for Christopher Hoskin 60 108
PPA for IAIK Some backports of packages that I use everyday. 39 155
PPA for Muelli 6 11
Random Packages Some random forensic tools that were packaged for various Ubun... 15 38
matttbe This ppa can contain some testing packages of Cairo-Dock and o... 87 750
19 of 9 results