Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Lubuntu testing testing packges for lubuntu 39 185
No systemd Xenial Some additional package without systemd will be built here due... 43 156
Banshee daily builds This repository currently tracks Banshee daily builds from git... 23 473
Banshee unstable builds This PPA contains unstable builds of the Banshee Media Player.... 27 366
EvoBPs 6 64
My Lucid 1462 4486
PPA for Banshee Team This PPA contains the latest stable debs of Banshee for Ubuntu... 39 649
PPA for Baptiste Mille-Mathias My PPA repository, certainly software related to GNOME, blueto... 12 97
PPA for Robert Collins Various package builds that are not available in ubuntu itself... 7 64
PPA for Robert David Zonio 3e packages 9 267
PPA for hyperair This PPA contains the following software of the same version a... 19 94
Test packages for Bugs This is a place that I use to put packages that I expect to fi... 8 76
Trusty Quasi Rolling Updated packages for Ubuntu Trusty 807 2688
113 of 13 results