Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
INDI - experimental This is PPA is *NOT* for general audience. If you look for IND... 3 50
INDI-stable Stable branch of libindi 5 40
stage 8 30
INDI Nightly Builds This PPA is for nightly UNSTABLE Ekos & INDI drivers builds. T... 52 346
INDI Stable Builds Latest INDI Library and drivers! This PPA is for stable Ekos ... 52 365
Miscellaneous Packages Miscellaneous packages, including a version of the Ubuntu Open... 6 24
Kubuntu CI Stable Direct landing PPA - highly fluctuating DO NOT USE THIS UNLES... 428 7654
Kubuntu CI Unstable Direct landing PPA - very unstable DO NOT USE THIS UNLESS YOU... 451 6318
18 of 8 results