Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Qalculate! Packaging Dependencies 11 55
Backports for Trusty This ppa's purpose is to provide backports for use with Semaph... 14 33
systemd upstream tests 17 197
GMPC Build-Depends This archive contains the necessary backport packages to build... 17 73
ALIP Source Packages for Cross Build PPA Packages modified against latest stable Ubuntu release to enab... 25 62
systemd upstream-ci tests 17 124
systemd CI backports Additional/backported packages for running upstream systemd CI... 21 140
PPA for Oumar Aziz OUATTARA This is wattazoum Personnal Package Archive. I am currently wo... 11 173
Backport PPA for Kenny1682 Backport packages from newer Ubuntu release will be placed her... 34 106
19 of 9 results