Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Cantata MPD Client Abandoned! No KDE build now, use the Qt5 build instead: http... 3 14
Cantata MPD Client Qt version Unofficial PPA for Qt5 build of Cantata MPD Client 3 14
Mint Packages for Ubuntu This PPA contains Linux Mint Packages for Ubuntu. All credit g... 28 162
Trusty Proposed (For me personal changes to some apps & or tests.. 32 173
GNOME3 Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. fro... 66 620
Multimedia packages 104 450
My Personal PPA This PPA is for my personal use 95 447
GNOME Stracciatella PPA A PPA repository that provide a vanilla version (if possible) ... 65 571
PPA 4 This repository only for trusty designed for penetration testi... 460 745
Precise Quasi Rolling [unmantained] Updated packages for Ubuntu Precise (12.04) Please use: https... 307 735
110 of 10 results