Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
BurstSMS PPA Patches of kannel to various versions and backports of googles... 6 23
PPA for source uploads 1 5
c42-backport-gnome3 This PPA isn't maintained any more. Please consider removing i... 180 457
Emergency Snapshot PPA Current contents: OTA-12+ (factory) PPA for including a snaps... 287 1777
OpenJDK10 stage1 test 110 38
OpenJDK9 stage1 test # deps and b-deps from java-common (main only) and maven deps=... 191 789
OpenJDK9 stage2 test 122 556
Stable Phone Overlay PPA Overlay ppa for packages included in the Ubuntu Phone builds t... 389 4848
Stable Snapshot PPA Current contents: OTA-14 PPA for including a snapshot of pack... 309 3161
19 of 9 results