Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
LyX unstable Branches of LyX development version that read, edit and write ... 4 86
LyX 1.6 (Stable) This PPA holds packages for the 1.6 version of LyX. The stable... 1 4
LyX 2 SVN - Daily Builds (Development) The packages in this archive are taken from the stable 2.1 bra... 2 12
LyX Qt5 PPA (release) A PPA dedicated for Qt5 builds of LyX. Qt5 support in LyX is s... 1 15
LyX PPA (development) Daily builds of bleeding-edge trunk and branch code. This PPA ... 5 133
LyX 2 - Daily Builds (Stable) The packages in this archive are taken from the stable LyX 2 b... 1 0
LyX PPA (release) Look here for updated release versions of LyX. 7 132
LyX Backports Backporting newer (2.0.x) versions of LyX to versions of Ubunt... 1 3
LyX-Outline - Daily Builds (Development) Contains the development version of LyX-Outline. All of the o... 1 0
NJ Beamer LyX Layout Contains the packaged LyX layout used by Joshua Gleitze and An... 2 19
Programs backported from Ubuntu/Debian (LTS) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/programs-ppa2 For Calibr... 23 131
Liviu's Staging PPA Do NOT use this PPA. It is used for staging and testing builds... 21 81
Personal Package Archive Backports of Pentobi for older but supported Ubuntu versions a... 6 25
TeX Live 2017 16 104
IRIS, JASMIN CIS and dependencies This repository contains IRIS ( an... 30 95
TeX Live 2015 Backport of the last TeX Live 2015 packages to Trusty. 15 110
TeX Live 2016 Backport of TeX Live 2016 packages for LTS releases 16 193
ZYV's Private Package Archive Some officially unsupported packages that I build: *) Midnigh... 16 36
Bernds PPA packages My ppa packages 5 15
CVSSP Packages This PPA contains a set of backports of packages for use in th... 10 54
Maths Updates and new math programs for Ubuntu. Actually contains l... 39 130
Zak's main PPA 47 158
PPA for Andres J. Riofrio Mostly packages for newer upstream versions than the ones prov... 1 4
PPA for Nick Andrik Some packages I create for myself and make publicly available 29 265
PPA for Vincenzo Ciancia Testing bugfixes for xournal 2 3
maverickbleed-experimental 32 176
natty-bleed This PPA currently publishes packages for Ubuntu Natty Narwhal... 37 203
Natty Bleeding Edge 56 307
PPA named lyx-2-daily-stable for Rob Oakes 1 0
TeX Live Backport of latest available TeX Live packages. There's the p... 31 251
TeX Live 2018 31 233
karmic-bleed This team provides "bleeding edge" backports of commonly used ... 72 271
misc Deprecated, used for testing purposes only! Miscellaneous pac... 4 42
133 of 33 results