Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

117 of 17 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Bixit SA de CV Paquetes desarrollados para la plataforma Mako principalmente. 2 2
Development Kernel Testing PPA for building tip snapshots from various kernel packages to... 10 231
RhodeCode Open source repository browser/management tool with a built in... 15 36
Ubuntu backports Backports of newer Ubuntu packages to older Ubuntu releases. 5 12
brian's ppa 4 11
no-pie builds Test ppa to attempt rebuilds without pie gcc on amd64. this sh... 17 37
Bleeding Edge PPA for development purposes, aka bleeding edge; where all pac... 118 1054
Graphics Drivers Daily builds of updated open source graphics drivers for Ubunt... 31 408
Grizzly Trunk Testing Upstream Trunk based packages for OpenStack Grizzly for Precis... 62 301
Nikola Ubuntu packages for Nikola. 5 5
PPA for Pylons PPA 23 41
mako 2 3
CDP 165 359
Cloud Archive Staging - Grizzly Staging PPA for updates to the Grizzly Cloud Archive for Ubunt... 66 216
Panto Linux Tools 4.3 II 97 167
Testing Intended for PPA testing purposes do not use. 127 1102
reddit ppa These packages power They may have modifications t... 172 421
117 of 17 results