Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Midori Development Development version of midori midori: GTK+2 version midori-gtk... 2 30
Midori PPA (release) Midori Browser This... 3 52
PPA for Michele Costantino Soccio This PPA currently has two main contents: == Webkit powered E... 9 40
PPA for St├ęphane Marguet Various test. For WebKit and Midori please use the webkit-tea... 10 46
PPA for Alkis Georgopoulos Do not add this PPA to your sources, it only contains test pac... 2 0
AwaOS This is a personal package archive for my AwaOS project. AwaOS... 6 23
JoeOS core (maverick) This isn't necessarily for legacy purposes. 26 65
PPA for John Dong 6 18
elementary Daily (Raring) ATTENTION! Do NOT install this PPA if you want a tested runnin... 56 116
lts-extras Backported Applications/Updates to Long Term Service Releases.... 15 56
test01 6 108
PPA for Mason Hock 2 2
112 of 12 results