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Nginx HDA Bundle - Dynamic Modules Power Nginx packages based on mainline version, since nginx 1.11.5. ... 2 144
Nginx 1.10 with Dynamic Modules You will get Nginx 1.10.2 with dynamic modules support. with b... 1 11
nginx Nginx bundled with third party modules. Configured with the sa... 1 7
Nginx + Upload Latest stable version of nginx (from ppa:nginx/stable) for Xen... 1 24
ngx_pagespeed module for stock nginx This repository contains "ngx_pagespeed" dynamic module for Ub... 1 8
Nginx Scribe's mainline build of Nginx, based off the latest builds ... 1 20
NGINX-based Media Streaming Server - testing NGINX-based Media Streaming Server - testing 'nginx-extras' (... 2 25
nginx-mrfriday Custom build of nginx to fix 2 14
Nginx Nginx packages with support for the nginx sticky module from h... 1 14
Nginx with subrequest-based caching Nginx custom Build with srcache-nginx-module version 0.30, lua... 1 14
Bleeding Edge nginx Bleeding Edge Nginx: Mostly just an update to the HDA ME nginx... 2 39
Nginx with Luajit Nginx custom Build with lua-nginx-module 0.9.20 and Luajit 2.0... 1 14
Nginx with Luajit Nginx custom Build with lua-nginx-module 0.9.20 and Luajit 2.0... 1 14
NginX + Addons nginx-light, nginx-full, and nginx-extras with RTMP and PageSp... 1 13
Nginx syslog+sticky+upstream_check Upstream Nginx with: - syslog patch 2 14
Nginx with upstream health check Nginx stable with nginx_http_upstream_check_module,nginx-upstr... 1 55
Nginx + Nginx-Push-Stream-Module Nginx compiled with built in support for 1 102
Nginx with Pagespeed Nginx custom Build with ngx_pagespeed module with go... 1 14
Shibboleth Shibboleth packages for nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty), includ... 2 22
b2c-ppa * Loadbalancer / Reverseproxy * ** haproxy with zlib (compres... 5 57
Nginx mainline + VTS for Ubuntu 16.04 Added VTS module "nginx-module-vts" to the backported "nginx-f... 1 27
NGINX with RTMP module NGINX by "Nginx" team: 1 75
nginx-develop This PPA contains the latest 'Mainline' Release version of the... 1 100
Nginx Spdy3 with Pageseep Nginx 1.8 custom Build with pagespeed Please Pin the Nginx v... 1 3
Nginx HTTP2 with Pageseep Nginx custom Build with http2, ngx_pagespeed module ... 1 2
nginx-openresty Custom nginx compile with openresty, nginx-upload and passenge... 2 4
nginx with RTMP module Debian's nginx: 1 27
nginx-rtmp Stock Ubuntu nginx with the nginx-rtmp-module module patched i... 1 14
nginx nginx-custom, includes all the packages of nginx-extras, naxsi... 1 13
NGINX Passenger NGINX Passenger compile with custom modules including nginx up... 2 27
Nginx Custom nginx build which includes: - ngx_http_statsd_module (h... 1 67
Nginx Extras Naxsi This is combination of nginx extras and nginx naxsi. All sourc... 1 11
Lucid NginX Lucid packages of Nginx. At this time the only interesting thi... 1 9
Tengine NGINX this is a fresh tengine build (v2.2.x=v1.8.x) to be used as ng... 2 95
nginx nginx-stable with ngx_pagespeed (only activated for nginx-extras) 3 22
nginx stable with nginx-push-stream-module Stable version of nginx with nginx-push-stream-module 1 9
nginx-*-upload These packages do not override the upstream Ubuntu versions of... 1 9
nginx-sticky Nginx built from NGINX Mainline PPA (see 1 9
nginx-upload Nginx with upload module re-installed/compiled for new nginx v... 2 20
tengine-edge this is a fresh tengine build (v2.1.x=v1.6.x) to be used as ng... 2 38
Nginx-Stable-1.10 Upstream NGINX have redefine their "STABLE" channel as 1.12-se... 2 121
Nginx-mainline with ALPN support (OpenSSL 1.0.2+) for 14.04 Tr... Nginx with ALPN support: fork of official Nginx packages (http... 1 7
Nginx-stable with ALPN support (OpenSSL 1.0.2+) for 14.04 Trusty Nginx with ALPN support: fork of official Nginx packages (http... 1 7
OpenResty OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web applicati... 1 2
nginx pagespeed PPA nginx 1.8.0 (stable) with ngx_pagespeed (beta) http... 1 2
nginx-edge this is a fresh nginx mainline build (v1.9.x). comments: - wo... 2 38
nginx-pagespeed PPA description nginx 1.12.1 (stable) with ngx_pagespeed 1.12... 1 0
nginx-stable this is a fresh nginx stable build (v1.8.x). comments: - work... 2 38
openresty OpenResty™ is a full-fledged web platform by integrating the s... 1 1
NGINX with HTTP/2 and Brotli on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and higher Latest NGINX Stable packages compiled against OpenSSL 1.1.0h f... 4 246
nginx Trying my first nginx + pagespeed ppa 1 27
nginx with Raven module nginx with a third-party module for the University of Cambridg... 1 45
Bio-IT 2014 PPA Provides a rebuilt nginx-extras with the upload module for the... 1 14
Main Development packages for Installation Imp... 1 25
NGINX Web Server Built with Extra Kafka Logging Module Added the Kafka logging module from 1 14
Nginx Nginx with additional modules 2 42
nginx PPA Modifications to the upstream (Ubuntu) nginx packages to add t... 1 25
nginx server header patched nginx patched to remove server header 1 14
nginx-devel Mainline version of the Nginx webserver. 1 285
nginx-rtmp nginx-rtmp 1 25
nginx-xsltproc Nginx + xsltproc module 1 14
nginx_upload_store_ppa Modifications to the upstream (Ubuntu) nginx packages to add t... 1 47
Mark Alan PPA Backports or security hardened versions of: nginx, djbdns, dov... 3 48
NGINX A collection of custom NGINX builds. 1 13
nginx Custom nginx package for personal usage 4 38
nginx nginx 1 13
nginx-crifkin Packaging of custom-build of nginx. Based on Brian Mercer's bu... 1 13
Alt-OS Nginx Fresh Nginx (latest stable version). 1 12
Brightbox NGINX Passenger releases NGINX packages built with support for Phusion Passenger 3 101
NginX Mainline NginX Mainline distribution with additional modules offered ov... 2 64
NginX Stable NginX Stable distribution with additional modules offered over... 2 64
Nginx Nginx packages rebuilt for precise, based on Dotdeb http://dot... 1 12
Nginx (stable) Backport of stable nginx from Debian, since the Ubuntu PPA doe... 2 14
Nginx stable packages This PPA hosts packages related to the Nginx web server. 1 12
Nginx with PageSpeed This PPA contains nginx with PageSpeed (on amd64 and i386) and... 1 12
175 of 454 results