Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
ngspice new upstream version of ngspice from github, packaged for ubuntu 1 3
ngspice with shared library ngspice with shared library compilation enabled (--with-ngsha... 1 3
KiCad Version 5 9 41
PPA for KiCad: 5.0 releases This ppa provide releases build for KiCad 5.0 branch. To use ... 12 253
PPA for KiCad: 5.1 releases This PPA host version of KiCad 5.1 To use it: sudo add-apt-r... 9 195
PPA for KiCad: daily build of 5.0 branch Provide a daily build of kicad 5.0 branch (not only releases..... 6 112
PPA for KiCad: nightly builds of dev version This ppa provide a nightly build for KiCad git repo (lp:kicad). 13 480
PPA for KiCad: nightly builds of dev version with separation s... KiCad nightly packages (master branch) * provide separation b... 8 67
PPA named kicad-experimental Experimental PPA for KiCad. May include unstable/untested feat... 5 49
PPA named ngspice for js-reynaud 1 35
Personal experimental package mix This packages are experimental packages for many use cases. Fe... 5 83
SpiceGUI 1 1
bosnian-language-packs More complete translations of Linux applications to Bosnian la... 17 18
mec Ubuntu libraries for mec 5 12
114 of 14 results