Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

110 of 10 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
OpenJDK builds (all archs) 3 105
PPA for Edward Nevill 1 11
PPA for Ubuntu Security Proposed Ubuntu Security Updates that need additional testing 3 67
PPA for OpenJDK Test builds for OpenJDK related stuff 6 104
PPA for Hannes Wallnoefer This archive contains packages for the Helma web application f... 3 25
ljt-precise libjpeg-turbo precise validation 31 239
PPA for Michael Casadevall This PPA holds in development packages. It should only be used... 18 224
junk 49 251
LTS Build Tools (Superseeded) After a few days of backporting build tools I ran into a much ... 21 108
libjpeg-turbo prelim ppa for libjpeg-turbo and related packages 56 426
110 of 10 results