Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Fijee - Primesense Development PPA Development packages for Fijee 3d-scanner modules using the pr... 3 5
Personal PPA Some personal PPA 6 13
Point Cloud Library This only exists for history reasons. Please use the PCL versi... 20 1402
for-ros Package to be distributed with ROS. 3 54
mrpt-build-dep mrpt-build-dep 3 65
pcl 6 76
pcl-boost1.60 libpcl compiled with boost1.60, without the pcl apps 5 105
Point Cloud Library The Point Cloud Library (or PCL) is a large scale, open projec... 4 51
OpenNI Framework for working with the Kinect camera and others like it. 7 64
ROS Indigo Igloo Upstream ROS Indigo Igloo packages maintained for satisfying d... 302 350
ROS Packages Upstream ROS packages maintained for satisfying dependencies o... 443 521
pcl libpcl compiled with -std=c++11 4 47
112 of 12 results