Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

110 of 10 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
LXQt desktop packages If you experience issues, first check the upstream bugtracker.... 43 392
STABLE CI Output STABLE CI PPA, the packages here are from the latest upstream ... 32 310
UNSTABLE CI Output UNSTABLE PPA, the packages here are from the tip of master. I... 34 323
Pulseaudio 7.1 for Ubuntu 12.04 Backported from Debian jessie * disabled systemd support * en... 6 44
Ubuntu Exras Various extra packages and packages with some specific fixes f... 11 113
PPA for thefluxster Some packages I've collected. 7 15
btwork Bluetooth work for Jaunty. 12 60
pkunk A bunch of packages that are out of date in mainline 12 66
test for testing purposes only 35 72
test06 A collection of gtk2 apps for improved speed on a distro based... 34 186
110 of 10 results