Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
pachulo PPA for Redshift backports Versions of Redshift backported from the latest Ubuntu release. 1 3
python-boto Boto is a Python package that provides interfaces to Amazon We... 8 47
Liviu's Staging PPA Do NOT use this PPA. It is used for staging and testing builds... 21 81
Misc packages This PPA contains miscellaneous packages uploaded by me, see t... 14 95
Redshift Daily Builds 1 12
trusty-xenial-backports 4 7
KDE Plasmoids PPA with missing plasmoids in KDE 2 4
lffl package Per installare il PPA basta digitare: sudo add-apt-repository... 28 58
Liviu's Experimental PPA A PPA for experimenting with new builds. Use it at your own ... 52 115
MNILab testing 1 0
PPA for Abhishek Dasgupta 4 11
PPA for Hanno Stock (hefe_bia) Personal PPA for some builds I use personally. 1 1
Redshift PPA 1 4
SAO Backports Sometimes there is a need for backport of a newer version to g... 53 114
copied-test 75 181
115 of 15 results