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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
blender-2.7 blender 2.7 for trusty utopic and vivid Blender is a free and... 1 9
libpgm OpenPGM is an open source implementation of the Pragmatic Gene... 1 28
ssh-agent-utils This is a set (currently one) of utilities for ssh-agent proxy... 1 3
Net Responsibility PPA This Personal Package Archive will contain the latest version ... 2 378
AMDGPU kernel including DAL, enables HDMI sound THIS PPA REPOSITORY IS OUTDATED. Unfortunately the builds with... 2 1
BIND 9.9 Packages of BIND 9.9 with the Response Rate Limiting (RRL) pat... 1 197
Bitshares PPA by showard some bitshares unofficial packages made available for debuggin... 3 58
Frank Maker UFTP is an encrypted multicast file transfer program, designed... 1 1
KeePassX with Yubikey Support KeePassX with YubiKey HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response Note: Your ... 1 3
Kernel for Microsoft Surface devices Kernel from Xenial, backported to Trusty and Wily,... 18 310
Libcvautomation Libcvautomation is a GUI automation and testing tool based on ... 1 3
Main This is my main repo and is a "pull from repo" for PeppermintO... 2 1
MongoDB Backports Backport of MongoDB 3.2 from zesty to xenial and yakkety Use ... 3 18
Nexulockr Releases Stable releases of Nexulockr. These releases are automatically... 2 9
OpenCV 3.2.0 + nonfree SW *************************************************************... 1 88
PPA for Alessandro Sivieri Scattino packages. The yakuake version contained here is the ... 3 266
PPA for Christian Roessner WARNING!!! This is a development PPA! You should not use it, ... 4 29
PPA for ThinkPad Fan Control Developers ThinkPad Fan Control Homepage: 3 9
PPA for vine_user This PPA includes the test packages by vine_user. Please use b... 4 10
Precise compiz scale fix compiz: allows scale window picker to pick from all workspaces... 1 9
Tasks packages for personalization Package local+apt-sources is responsible to add authentication... 1 18
Testing PPA Silicon Bonk This is a experimental PPA for the command line version of Sil... 1 4
Themis Core Themis Core Tools is responsible for providing helper function... 1 1
XC Official PPA XC was created to preserve individual liberty in response to a... 1 4
bind9-antiddos This ppa based on 1 70
dovecot WARNING!!! Don't use!! This is a development PPA! You should ... 1 15
graphite Graphite packages for testing:- Be warned these packages may... 3 3
justniffer justniffer is a tcp packet sniffer. It can log network traffic... 1 12
mozilla Currently next projects represented: 1) 2 49
ppa This repository contains collection of customized, updated, po... 232 1383
the-garage Just a PPA for packages I build. I claim no responsibility if... 1 1
thinkfan More recent packages of thinkfan that include the disengaged s... 1 1
trunk builds You can't handle the trunk! We live in a world that has builds... 1 2
ASB's Experimental PPA An experimental PPA for test builds. This is not recommended f... 13 43
Certbot Scratch Don't use 23 89
DigitalOcean Tools Debian packaging for DigitalOcean tools. 7 40
KaliBuntu2 Kali Linux tools for ubuntu By D4RkNiK0l4s and Black hat sec! 111 156
security A place for security-related packages  Terminal Objective #1:... 92 503
Arbitrary stuff Arbitrary builds of packages. 13 124
Blinking Messaging Menu 1 8
CDP 165 359
CatapultPPA 1 76
Certbot Build PPA (don't use this, use ppa:certbot/certbot) This is a PPA where main builds happens and are transfered to ... 71 443
Cloud Archive Staging - Grizzly Staging PPA for updates to the Grizzly Cloud Archive for Ubunt... 66 216
Cloud Archive Staging - Havana 109 407
CloudOps 10 51
DarkMint3 backbox tools by for Dark MInt 127 193
Dehydrated Dehydrated - - package... 1 4
Designate - Havana Most of the non-designate packages are copied from https://lau... 30 74
Designate - Havana Deps 31 64
Designate - Havana Staging 29 59
Extra packages Some extra packages and dependencies for OpenContrail. Using ... 62 112
Fesslix Trunk The Fesslix Trunk PPA is intended to provide trunk builds for ... 16 158
Fixes for LP: #1629241 1 71
Fixes for Launchpad Bug 1571402 1 8
Gnome 3 Programs and utilities for GNOME 3 This PPA only publishes pa... 38 58
Grizzly Build Dependencies Various Grizzly build dependencies that might not exist in the... 35 48
Grizzly Trunk Testing Upstream Trunk based packages for OpenStack Grizzly for Precis... 62 301
HRE Packages for the High Resiliency Environment (HRE) 7 33
Havana Stable Build Tests 109 392
Havana Testing Package built from the upstream git repositories for testing p... 108 516
Icinga 2 Tests TEST BUILDS - DO NOT USE! 1 6
Indicator Staging PPA Autolanded builds from Jenkins, matches last successful build ... 26 138
KDE OSD software List of software that can show OSD notifications in KDE. 2 2
KERN development This is the development repository for KERN, the radio astrono... 119 431
KERN release 5 This is version 5 of KERN, the radio astronomy software suite.... 114 296
KeePass4Web Provides packages needed to easily run the KeePass4Web applica... 37 66
Neak Do not use these packages. It could be break your Ubuntu. 45 566
Net Responsibility Development PPA This is a PPA that holds the latest unstable version of Net Re... 2 284
ODL Reddit 142 287
PHP 5.x Versions PPA With this PPA, you can use another PHP version alongside the c... 46 79
PPA for Jonathan Riddell Kubuntu bits 50 259
PPA for Oumar Aziz OUATTARA This is wattazoum Personnal Package Archive. I am currently wo... 11 173
PPA for Pylons PPA 23 41
175 of 124 results