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Wayland GTK Patched Default behavior of Ubuntu Quantal's primary interface is to t... 1 13
Terminal for human Terminal for human is a set of tools for making work on termin... 1 7
GTK+3 with the Broadway (HTML5) backend This is a rebuild of the GTK+3 Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.... 1 81
Terminator GTK3 Nightly Builds This PPA contains automated builds of the development code of ... 1 8
Terminator Nightly Builds This PPA contains automated builds of the development code of ... 1 7
VTE without bracketed issue This PPA contains only one package for VTE 0.28.2 to solve bug... 1 6
tmux - Terminal Multiplexer tmux is a "terminal multiplexer", it enables a number of termi... 1 1
Wayland GTK Quantal Ubuntu's default interface as of the Quantal release includes ... 1 13
kalendas kalendas packages for Debian and Ubuntu For Debian Wheezy or ... 1 3
tv2 - a fast note-taking app for the terminal tv2 is a fast, cross-platform note-taking application for the ... 0 0
Flashing Gnome Terminal Gnome Terminal with an option to flash the window's icon in th... 1 2
MATE for Xenial MATE Desktop 1.16 for Xenial Xerus. ## Installing from anothe... 43 189
PPA for Terminator Ubuntu packages of Terminator, the robot future of terminals 1 4
Random stuff I do Making this for testing, and in case anyone wants some of my p... 1 6
Jarun Software Ubuntu packages for the following utilities: googler: Google ... 7 49
Cairo-Dock (Stable) This PPA contains packages for the stable release of Cairo-Doc... 2 181
Cairo-Dock (Weekly - UNSTABLE) Contains packages for the UNSTABLE release of Cairo-Dock (Week... 2 142
Cryptonite COTE: Cryptonite One Terminal Edition is an open source extens... 1 1
Extended DDC Probing Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patch     drm/rad... 1 971
Extended DDC Probing (Lucid) Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patch drm/rad... 2 394
Extended DDC Probing (Oneiric) Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patches drm/r... 1 104
JTSDK 28-MAY-2018 The Final Release of this Package is v2.0.26-x (... 2 33
PCSX-Reloaded (unofficial) EN: Daily builds of PCSX-Reloaded (or PCSXR), maybe the best o... 11 506
PPA for luckyBackup Maintainers Team Contains packages for luckybackup NOTE ------- If you were us... 3 42
Padoca Virtual PPA Padoca Experimental Packages Mais detalhes sobre estes pacote... 2 18
Projects To add this PPA to your computer, simply paste this into a ter... 1 4
Random Terminal Chat with Strangers A terminal socket application for people to chat to random peo... 1 1
Siril These packages were built of the 0.9 branch of Siril. They sho... 1 8
Thunar 1.6.10+patch1 (2016-09-07) ***UPDATED (2017-09-07)*** [ENGLISH/INGLÊS] THIS PPA IS DEPREC... 1 21
gimp This PPA is for Ubuntu >=18.04 and Linux Mint derivates Insta... 13 249
gimp-edge Attention! This is a PPA only for development purposes!!! At... 8 80
gopenvpn gopenvpn is a simple graphical front-end for OpenVPN, the open... 1 2
logcat-colorize Displays the Android Debug Bridge (adb)'s log output in colors... 1 2
sendsms Terminal application allowing you to send SMS usiing an API fr... 1 2
stable "Stable burrow for the whole colony of suricates." To use thi... 1 1
supertux This PPA is for Ubuntu >=14.04, Linux Mint >=17 and other Ubun... 1 4
MATE for Precise These MATE 1.8.2 packages for *only* Ubuntu Precise, they have... 48 180
GNOME Terminal with Google Search Support My hack with GNOME Terminal, add Google Search Support! The c... 1 8
MATE for Trusty These MATE 1.8.1 packages for *only* Ubuntu Trusty, they have ... 63 232
WebUpd8 The main Web Upd8 PPA maintained by: ... 134 1183
test This contains experimental releases of Terminator. Please do n... 1 2
IRC This PPA contains developer snapshots (experimental versions) ... 25 533
PPA for Nandan Vaidya used for testing & hopefully improving my packaging skills ! (... 7 28
terminator Experimental feature for terminator 1 1
2048 For Linux A port of the web (and iOS) game for Linux's terminal. 1 1
Application Indicators for Ubuntu ephem - Debianised version of PyEphem. indicator-fortune - Dis... 10 37
Bash Snippets A collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users 1 2
Cable // Indicator-Terminal // Gazette - Weekly™ This Personal Package Archive offers you fresh built packages ... 5 14
Cool Retro Term cool-retro-term is a terminal emulator which mimics the look a... 1 8
Eternal Terminal Eternal Terminal (ET) is a remote shell that automatically rec... 1 8
Final Term At last - a modern terminal emulator. F... 1 3
GMPC Build-Depends This archive contains the necessary backport packages to build... 17 73
HildigerR's PPA ============================================================ M... 7 16
LinkManager Manage your link on terminal Replace bookmark tool present on... 8 30
MEMC (Ram optimizer tool fot gtk.) This software is Ram optimizer tool fot gtk. and can be use b... 1 5
Nautilus actions extra Offical release PPA for nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-action... 54 232
Nautilus actions extra (Daily) Daily PPA of nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-actions-extra    ... 55 266
PPA for LXDE Packages of LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (http:/... 22 86
Stimmtausch Stimmtausch is a terminal-based MU* client for connecting to m... 1 1
TermSaver A simple text-based terminal screensaver. 1 6
TermySequence TermySequence is a terminal emulation system with a focus on c... 2 5
Terra Terminal Emulator terra terminal emulator ppa 1 3
Tilix (previously Terminix) PPA for Tilix, previously called Terminix (GTK3 terminal emula... 4 67
bleeding edge builds of Guake This PPA will contain uploads of development builds of Guake, ... 1 1
kitty kitty – the fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator htt... 1 3
ppa:nifr/tilda - Tilda terminal emulator build packages for Ub... Tilda is a Gtk based drop down terminal emulator for Linux and... 1 1
rdp-runner "rdp-runner" - is a Linux program, writen on ruby and Qt, is c... 1 1
seren Seren is a simple VoIP program based on the Opus codec that al... 1 5
supreme Bash script package to manage files on local drive, phone(andr... 1 2
tmux tmux is a terminal multiplexer 1 2
ttyd-dev Share your terminal over the web 1 4
Better Unity for HiDPI displays With Unity support pretty much being EOL'ed, Canonical left it... 1 18
Brisk Menu An efficient menu for the MATE Desktop.   * 1 4
Bumblebee Configurator Gui Development PPA Bumblebee Configurator Gui Development PPA. To add this PPA to... 2 5
175 of 860 results