Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
PPA for Killeroid SVN builds of tint2(Don't let the "SVN" scare you, the package... 1 9
PNMixer PNMixer is a simple mixer application designed to run in your ... 1 1
Gnome 2 Programs and utilities for GNOME 2 This PPA only publishes pa... 11 13
system PPAs for P@xtreme Remix 30 303
system PPAs for P@xtreme Remix 30 303
AwaOS This is a personal package archive for my AwaOS project. AwaOS... 6 23
GangBang Linux 1 3
JoeOS core (maverick) This isn't necessarily for legacy purposes. 26 65
JoeOS core (natty) core packages for JoeOS based on ubuntu natty 25 51
JoeOS core (oneric ) core programs and utilities for JoeOS based off of ubuntu oneiric 15 34
Miscellaneous Packages Miscellaneous projects that I'm interested in but don't contai... 2 5
PPA for Openbox Software A collection of software mostly targeted to Openbox users. 11 19
PPA for yaknowwat Self Customization repository. Use for distributing tweaks and... 14 40
cmpitg My own maintained versions of some packages. Some packages ar... 5 6
tint2-git For testing only, do not use this! 2 12
115 of 15 results