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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Tracker unstable releases This PPA contains unstable releases of Tracker for Maverick an... 1 62
Hamster Time Tracker - Daily builds Daily (unstable) builds of Hamster Time Tracker from the upstr... 1 6
Hamster Time Tracker - Stable builds Stable releases of Hamster Time Tracker from the upstream code... 1 5
c42-backport No-change from more current versions of the head or developmen... 278 2497
Tracker stable releases This PPA contains stable releases of Tracker 1 30
GNOME 3 WebUpd8 PPA GNOME 3 WebUpd8 PPA Packages: Epiphany Browser (and extension... 25 132
Personal Ultimately various packages that I primarily build for my own ... 1 15
Ctrax Ctrax: The Caltech Multiple Fly Tracker (c) 2007-2015 The Cal... 1 6
PPA This PPA includes some latest upstream versions of packages, w... 11 55
Turn Watcher Attention RPG Game Masters! Have you ever wished for an easie... 1 4
git builds PPA, which contains next git-related packages: * git-core - fa... 3 22
python-pytracker pytracker is a simple Python API that wraps the Pivotal Tracke... 1 3
0 A.D. Development Snapshots This PPA contains weekly development snapshots of the RTS game... 8 68
Exercise Tracker PPA PPA used to build the exercise tracker in old ubuntu versions. 3 5
Fuel Expenses Tracker PPA for Fuel Expenses Tracker App You will need these python ... 1 3
GMPC Trunk This Archive contains the most recent versions of gmpc, libmpd... 29 315
Gallium Nine Test PPA Mesa Gallium Nine, including the D3D9 State Tracker, see https... 1 99
Game Launcher Makes it easy to launch fullscreen games in a separate gaming ... 1 2
Habit Tracker PPA Releases for Habit Tracker are uploaded here. 1 3
MPD Trunk Latest git version of MPD (Music Player Daemon), mpc, and mpds... 7 99
Movie Tracker PPA Contains all the backported code for the movie-tracker project... 3 5
Old and New Python Versions This PPA has older and newer Python versions for Ubuntu. The p... 11 846
PPA for Apache 2.x This branch follows latest PHP packages as maintained by the D... 13 136
PPA for Courier MTA This branch follows latest Courier MTA packages. You can get ... 2 100
PPA for Gearman This branch follows latest Gearman release (gearmand). You ca... 1 10
PPA for PHP 5.4 This branch follows the oldstable PHP packages as maintained b... 22 190
PPA for PHP 5.5 This branch follows latest PHP packages as maintained by me & ... 39 392
PPA for PHP 5.6 This branch follows latest PHP 5.6 packages as maintained by m... 29 367
QupZilla QupZilla is a new and very fast QtWebKit browser. It aims to b... 2 19
Squash Tracker The stable package for the Squash Tracker application Website... 1 2
SuperTuxKart Daily Nightly builds of the git version of SuperTuxKart. These build... 1 1
c42-backport-games Backports of games. This are "No Changes" backports from debia... 18 233
c42-edge poorly tested stuff - not intended for general use Please hav... 232 2096
c42-edge-server poorly tested stuff - not intended for use Please have instea... 37 224
c42-other Additional software used in the c42 distribution. For more in... 6 61
mantis Mantis bug tracker package 1 1
quimup-ppa Automated Ubuntu builds for Quimup (1), created with a build r... 1 5
taskhelm Packaged builds of the Taskhelm task tracker. Taskhelm is a g... 1 2
GUPnP & Rygel packages I try to backport packages from debian experimental as soon as... 17 190
Mefisto's PPA Some packages i build 7 26
PPA for Kaleo My packages. 3 18
Packages I Need It's my first try with PPA I use this to create a deb package ... 6 31
Staging Packages not yet ready for the Sabily team PPA 25 52
mxppa 2 19
Gnome Xtras Testing ppa. 6 47
PPA for Florent Thévenet Lot of things: Packages I built to learn packaging Packages co... 5 55
PPA for matthaeus123 This contains various builds of open source programs that will... 28 145
mkr Curated packages and backports for MKR 7 35
Delay Osx Repositorio con paqueteria de tu distro favorita basada en Ubu... 7 28
Jacobrepo Some backports and personal packages 25 314
nemo Nemo file manager 13 60
some private stuff 1 0
GNOME3 Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. fro... 58 525
PPA for Mathias Hasselmann 4 22
Testing 125 637
GNOME Stracciatella PPA A PPA repository that provide a vanilla version (if possible) ... 65 571
1.1.20 (alpha3 for upcoming 1.2) 15 52
Bleeding-edge for GUPnP and Rygel Provide latest versions of GUPnP and Rygel packages from Debia... 6 133
Blitzortung PPA Software related to the project ( 1 3
Daisy Seeds Packages for the ~daisy-pluckers team. 23 115
Debian Resources for Debian 9 67
PPA for Javier Uruen Val 41 123
PPA for eBox platform eBox stable branch 30 76
PPA for eBox platform unstable eBox platform unstable branch 51 132
PPA for ebox stable ebox stable branch 28 52
Precise Quasi Rolling [unmantained] Updated packages for Ubuntu Precise (12.04) Please use: https... 307 735
Rygel GNOME UPnP/DLNA services backport of rygel 1 12
Rygel backport Patched, backported version of Rygel. 1 12
UPnP related packages Packages related to UPnP/DLNA media servers (in particular Ryg... 11 88
Updates/Fixes for GUPnP and Rygel Try to provide new GUPnP and Rygel versions from Debian as soo... 7 184
Zentyal 2.0 contrib 2 26
eBox Personal packages for the eBox Platform project that can't be ... 5 49
eBox Platform PPA alpha 11 63
eBox Seville It contains an eBox branch that supports a central LDAP direct... 32 62
eBox platform 1.2 series 48 95
175 of 153 results