Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
MAAS Latest proposed stable (ppa:maas/proposed) MAAS stable release (proposed): currently 1.9 (trusty) / 2.3 (... 6 59
Internet Group Backports to Trusty. Maintained packages list (most important... 23 179
trusty-proposed archive A repository of proposed packages for Vinux based on Trusty. 1 1
Miscellaneous staging updates Testing PPA for proposed Ubuntu package updates. 1 3
juju proposed packages The packages in this archive are proposed candidates for stabl... 1 14
PPA for Free Ekanayaka 3 3
Tools Useful tools for Jenkaas deployments. 9 20
CI Test PPA 1 Experimental projects built by the CI Team 4 10
Proposed opnfv package needs This PPA will be used for proposed packaged to opnfv and after... 1 1
fginther ppa PPA for general use. 12 25
Kernels as in Proposed This PPA contains kernels as published in the -proposed pocket... 42 4876
1.25 Proposed New packages that might move to 1.25 updates after a period of... 1 24
PPA for Ursula Junque 5 11
test1 One of the PPAs for the Mythbuntu Bugs team to do test builds ... 1 52
Ubuntu Font Testing A ppa for testing proposed changes and tweaks to the ubuntu fo... 1 6
Ubuntu Make packages This ppa proposes package backport of Ubuntu make for supporte... 3 17
Staging Archive Staging area for proposed (source) uploads for Ubuntu SRUs (-u... 12 39
nOS Infinity - Proposed This PPA contains some proposed features, packages and changes... 3 3
XBMC Build Dependencies 19 276
MAAS Proposed development (ppa:maas/next-proposed) New MAAS proposed release from the stable series (currently 2.3) 6 79
Obfuscated OpenSSH These packages incorporate patches ( 1 71
KDE Extra stuff Testing for packages going into -proposed 13 40
related to calligra 2.9 development various stuff required for building the Calligra 2.9 developme... 6 18
Lernid-proposed These are changes I propose to make to the Lernid (upstream) p... 1 13
Other Stuff EN: This PPA contains packages from projects that I meet on th... 12 156
PPA for backports testing PPA for backports testing with proposed dependencies enabled. 23 236
Shim Staging devirt (but x86-only) ppa for building shim binary packages, s... 15 174
ubuntu-security-staging PPA for staging uploads for testing. The PPA is primarily focu... 9 733
128 of 28 results