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Backport of unity from Quantal to Precise This PPA provides a backport for Unity 6.x (for 12.10 / Quanta... 14 77
Daily Builds of Unity 2D To install Unity 2D, type the following commands in a terminal... 18 106
Stable Unity Branch for 12.04 with always shown menus This PPA provides a backport for Unity 6.x (for 12.10 / Quanta... 1 6
Ubuntu-Unity-19.04-Testing Testing and experimental packages for Unity-7 desktop -------... 10 56
PPA for Compiz quantal testing2 CURRENT SCOPE 2012-09-19: Unity + Compiz quantal beta 2 stack... 3 25
Unity Revamped Customized builds of Unity to include removed and/or wanted fe... 2 16
LffL Unity PPA esclusivo per l'ultima versione disponibile di Unity PPA ... 1 3
Unity Desktop with Global Systray Whitelist This PPA provides a patched version of the Unity Desktop that ... 1 40
Better Unity for HiDPI displays With Unity support pretty much being EOL'ed, Canonical left it... 1 18
PPA for pre-release compiz testing CURRENT SCOPE: Random testing. 2012-09-19: If you are lookin... 17 124
Stable Unity Branch for 12.04 This PPA provides a daily build of the stable branch of Unity ... 1 6
Nemo Unity Do NOT use this PPA until further notice! Work in progress! =... 3 22
Web Sources Place PPA NOTE: This PPA is no longer updated because it no longer works... 1 2
wswitcher Unity WallpaperSwitcher is a "companion" of the Unity Launcher... 1 4
Add minimize on click feature to unity precise and trusty This allows minimize application's windows upon clicking its l... 1 19
Unity Desktop with Systray Whitelisting Support This PPA is based on the patch by Jason Donahue (aka timekille... 1 14
unity patched minus multitouch support Unity's default multitouch support is limited, and it disables... 1 14
Quantal Compiz & Unity testing 2 (q)uantal testing :) Unity + Compiz quantal beta 2 stack. NO... 14 129
preview This is the preview for Unity WebApps for Ubuntu Quantal (12.1... 33 317
Mpv media player (FFmpeg version) For unity & gnome-shell docks > the mpv icon > r. click will p... 14 79
testing Testing modified Gnome apps for Unity:- Nautilus - better thu... 3 12
Nick's PPA Contains software I have patched to "fix" things which bothere... 4 124
unity-revamped Customized builds of Unity to include removed and/or wanted fe... 1 6
Indicator Systemtray Unity Indicator Systemtray Unity is an indicator for the Unity panel... 1 9
Personal Unity Webapps Custom webapp integrations for Ubuntu Unity. Currently includ... 1 5
Stable releases This ppa contains the stable release of the following programs... 3 8
Drawers A utility for organizing related items for easy launching from... 2 7
Legacy X Applications Demo This PPA provides a package to demo supporting legacy X applic... 3 32
Nemo for Ubuntu Designed with unity in mind, probably would work ok with gnome... 6 13
Personal packages Available packages: Ezame: a Desktop and Menu File Editor. u... 7 15
Tigre-Bleu's unity lenses repository This PPA contains the development builds for the following uni... 1 4
lswitcher Unity LauncherSwitcher creates the possibility to have a speci... 1 6
AMD Catalyst Legacy This repository is no longer maintained. This repository prov... 57 165
MythTV Gnome 3 and Unity Indicator A MythTV (v0.24 and higher) Gnome 3 and Unity panel indicator.... 1 14
Nautilus Improved for Trusty, Xenial *Make sure to upgrade all your nautilus packages* After updati... 1 12
PPA for GNOME test builds and backports Various test versions of GNOME packages and related stuff. 20... 2 18
PPA with patched xserver-xorg to fix bug 865 This PPA contain Xorg packages with patch from from ArchLinux ... 3 51
Slidewall-Precise Slidewall is a wallpaper changer for the Unity desktop. Create... 1 1
Unity 2D Tools Unity 2D Tools contains packages udeful for Unity 2D developme... 1 1
byzanz screencaster screencast tool for gnome-classic/ unity-2D and unity 3D. S... 1 6
gopenvpn gopenvpn is a simple graphical front-end for OpenVPN, the open... 1 2
pidgin-libnotify Unity fix [PATCH 1/2] Fix Ubuntu notify support Show new message/convers... 1 1
slidewall - all distros Slidewall is a wallpaper changer for the Unity desktop. Create... 1 4
slidewall-quantal Slidewall is a wallpaper changer for the Unity desktop. Create... 1 1
slidewall-salamander Slidewall is a wallpaper changer for the Unity desktop. Create... 1 1
Unity SRU channel This PPA contains proposed package builds for our next Stable ... 13 200
Unity 7 Daily Builds Daily builds of the Unity stack to detect problems introduced ... 4 107
Unity and Scopes experimental stuff Highly experimental Unity and Scopes packages. They may break ... 3 23
Compiz OpenGL ES testing This repository was originally about GSettings testing, but no... 3 35
SRU staging ppa This ppa is used to retain olds published version to the distr... 31 240
Tools that Integrate with Ask Ubuntu The purpose of this PPA is to provide a single unified place w... 10 55
Unity 42 Patched Unity with reordered window decoration buttons, enable... 1 61
Unity 7.2/7.4 modified This is a modification of the unity 7.2/7.4 trunk (used in 14.... 1 19
Unity systray fix Unity with systray 1 32
unity builds Hacks and experiments with Unity * current target: permanent ... 1 20
Testing PPA A PPA to put a dev branch of unity in to test. 1 13
dev-build-4 This PPA is intended to provide the Unity API Team a means of ... 2 9
Unity 2D for Maverick Unity 2D build for Ubuntu 10.10. Note that this build is _not... 4 16
Alt-OS Unity Fresh ported packages for Unity 4 37
Quantal Compiz & Unity testing Unity 6.4 release + cherry-picked fixes for regressions lp:~... 15 330
Unity for cube (4x1 ws Unity with some minor changes, best for a 4x1 workspace setup.... 1 12
Linaro Unity 3D using GL for X86 Unity 3D packages provided from the GLES development branches ... 5 50
No "Show Desktop" on Alt+Tab This PPA contains Unity packages for 12.04 patched to give you... 1 6
PPA named unity-minimize-on-click for Jonathan French Implements Unity bug #733349, specifically comment 58's spec -... 1 12
Precise Copied packages from other PPA. Contains patched versions, upd... 29 75
Unity Control Center Basic unity-control-center minus dependency on Indicator Bluet... 1 19
Unity Control Center mouse settings Fix missing mouse settings in Unity Control Center: https://bu... 1 5
Unity Fixes 1 6
Unity Menus Testing Unity menus testing packages 2 6
Unity Revamped Updated version of Unity Revamped with new assets... * Origin... 1 6
Unity custom color fix for precise Builds using custom color fix for unity in precise fixes use o... 1 6
dev-build-5 This PPA is intended to provide the Unity API Team a means of ... 1 17
gnome-settings-daemon Provides updated packages of gnome-settings-daemon and unity-s... 2 40
nogeis Temporary unity packages disabling utouch support while bcm597... 1 6
175 of 652 results