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unity extra a11y This is a ppa with a unity cutting edge a11y support, in order... 1 6
unity-settings-daemon Testing unity-settings-daemon hotkeys fix. More info here: ht... 1 4
Gajj Unity Packages PPA for Gajj Unity Edition for of Ubuntu 2 2
Indicator NetSpeed for Unity Network speed indicator for Unity. 1 10
Scopes A PPA of scopes for Unity developed by atareao 2 2
Scopes A PPA of scopes for Unity developed by atareao 2 2
Telegram webapp Unity launcher for Telegram web, with notifications integration 1 8
Ubuntu Tools Various tools for Ubuntu customization Currently contains: u... 1 1
Unity Bookmarks nightly builds Daily build of unity-bookmarks 1 4
Unity Enhancements Stuff I have put together that basically works and is related ... 1 1
Unity Greeter PPA for Unity Greeter test packages 1 1
Unity Lens for Tomboy This Lens allows quick access to Tomboy notes, directly from U... 1 4
Unity Tweak Tool A simple PPA for updates to unity-tweak-tools 1 1
Unity Tweak Tool Backports Contains unity-tweak-tool packages that should be backported t... 1 2
Unity Tweak Tool daily builds PPA Daily unstable builds of Unity Tweak Tool. 1 12
Unity WebApps For now, this is home for stable versions of Deezer integratio... 1 2
Unity WebApps Dev Nightly versions of Unity WebApps 1 2
Unity Webapps Webapps for Unity 1 1
Unity patch for icons Possible fix for non clickable icons in Unity on Natty. Use wi... 1 3
Unity-Webapps-Slack-Unofficial Unofficial Slack Webapp for Unity 1 1
dev-build-3 This PPA is intended to provide the Unity API Team a means of ... 1 9
unity-3d-gles Unity 3d with GLES support. 5 20
unity-bookmarks Small unity application for quick access to customized bookmarks 1 1
unity-webapps-deezer Unity integration for 1 2
APP Multimedia Tested adobeair -------------------:adobe air apt-fast --------------... 76 172
Alt-OS Unity Addons Some addons for Unity for providing extended functionlaity 2 2
Brick An open source Bitrix24 messenger client. Supported features: ... 2 9
FlashFreeze A tiny Unity launcher that allows to force quit or to to freez... 1 5
Global Menu Packages for vala-panel and vala-panel-appmenu # vala-panel ... 3 26
Hamster AppIndicator A Unity AppIndicator for project hamster 1 1
Indicator Brightness PPA for the indicator-brightness for the Unity panel. 1 16
Lens for Japanese Unity lens for Japanese service. - cookpad: Search latest reci... 2 2
Nemo 3 file manager for Ubuntu Nemo file manager patched for Unity (with no Cinnamon dependen... 19 106
Nemo file manager for Ubuntu !!! For Nemo 3.x you'll need to use a different PPA: http://ww... 19 186
Rocket Menu An application indicator quick launch menu for Ubuntu Unity. P... 1 1
RuneScape Wikia Lens This is a lens that lets you search the RuneScape Wikia page f... 1 1
TVgemist TVgemist is een lens voor de Unity Dash. Hiermee kunt u vanuit... 1 1
Unity Unity rebuilds for testing 1 0
Unity pre-merge beta-feature probably broken unity packages 2 12
Unity Lenses contains various extensions for Unity on Ubuntu since 11.10. A... 2 2
Unity lens for Unity lens for 1 1
Unity8 Desktop Preview in an LXC The packages in this PPA are for running the latest Unity8 des... 3 14
eclipse-globalmenu (obsolete) This ppa contains eclipse-globalmenu package. This package ena... 1 3
gdh PPA for my Ubuntu apps and other stuff. SGTimer - Advanced sh... 2 14
indicator-stocks A simple ubuntu unity stocks indicator. 1 8
pythondoc-lens Unity lens that searches in providing links fo... 1 1
qle QLE Unity Quicklist Editor 1 11
skype-wrapper Integrates Skype with Unity Skype-wrapper will also now launc... 2 16
About Time Textual, speaking clock indicator for Ubuntu Unity and Mate (M... 1 4
Ardour releases Backported Ardour versions. Default dark theme adjusted to fi... 2 13
Azan App Azan is an Islamic prayer times application that supports appl... 1 3
BleuFear GTK Theme About ===== BleuFear is a GTK 2/3 theme with a wild streak of ... 1 4
Decaffeinated Alpino Corpus Tool This package archive contains Dact for Ubuntu, you can add thi... 5 47
Eee-control Eee-Control ____________________________________ Updated for N... 1 3
GNOME Stracciatella PPA A PPA repository that provide a vanilla version (if possible) ... 65 571
Gnome-Mplayer Development These are bot-created development snapshots of Gnome-Mplayer. ... 3 114
Grive Tools Grive Tools - Ubuntu Google Drive desktop integration made eas... 1 6
Lens Toggle A simple lens toggling application for Unity. It requires a l... 1 1
Libertine/XMir/Unity8 Experimental Libertine, XMir, and Unity 8 packages 2 48
Nautilus Downgrade downgrade of nautilus back to the official xenial version whic... 1 6
PPA for Allis Tauri This PPA for now contains just several applications: *) degen_... 6 12
PPA for Fish Indicator Packages for the Fish Indicator (indicator-fish), Wanda's new ... 1 9
PPA wingpanel-featured Here is located my latest experimental package of wingpanel. i... 1 2
Pressboy Pressboy is a simple, easy to use, column-based feeds reader. ... 1 1
Redmine Lens Unity Lens for redmine or chili project currently only shows i... 1 1
Snappy Barebones Session Using lightdm/USC get a barebone mir server running! (Outside ... 1 1
Stack Lens A Unity lens for searching Stack* sites 1 1
Themes PPA Theme packages for Ubuntu. Themes range from Gnome-Shell to Un... 3 5
Ubuntu Multimedia for Trusty Upgraded, advanced or not normally available multimedia packag... 69 252
Ubuntu-it Launcher Ubuntu-it Launcher is a custom Launcher for Unity which allows... 1 1
Unity 8 An experimental archive for implementing Unity 8 as a standard... 6 25
UpFront Indicator for Ubuntu (Unity), listing running applications. Pi... 1 4
Upstream GNOME PPA This PPA contains minimally-patched versions of some key GNOME... 7 35
Wake On Plan Simple RTC alarm manager with some additional options and Unit... 1 4
76150 of 645 results