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Backport of unity from Quantal to Precise This PPA provides a backport for Unity 6.x (for 12.10 / Quanta... 14 77
Nick's PPA Contains software I have patched to "fix" things which bothere... 4 124
Experimental feature stacks (certified) Daily build of a feature stack certified by tests. You should... 42 72
Quantal Compiz & Unity testing 2 (q)uantal testing :) Unity + Compiz quantal beta 2 stack. NO... 14 129
Experimental feature stacks (prevalidation) Daily build of a feature stack for certification before copyin... 49 106
Linaro Graphics Working Group Daily Component Builds 17 160
PPA for quantal PPA for all quantal packages that need the dependency for quan... 7 36
Dash Purchase Testing Preliminary packages for testing of in-dash purchasing. 12 138
PPA for pre-release testing with unity 6.0 10 52
PPA for unity-lens-music quantal pre-release testing 2 16
PPA for unity-lens-music precise SRU pre-release testing 1 2
PPA for pre-release compiz testing CURRENT SCOPE: Random testing. 2012-09-19: If you are lookin... 17 124
Next release daily release This ppa is equivalent to the ubuntu distro, but for the next ... 135 493
Unity daily stack preparation Daily build of PS stack for certification before uploading to ... 207 1182
TI OMAP trunk PPA This PPA contains packages for TI OMAP content built for Ubunt... 82 754
Ubuntu quick fixes 5 22
PPA for Didier Roche 37 236
117 of 17 results