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Global Menu Packages for vala-panel and vala-panel-appmenu # vala-panel ... 3 26
vala-libs this PPA contains Vala librairies : Mee(-Gtk), Taglib-Vala and... 9 78
Vala Daily PPA *Bleeding Edge* Vala packages and some related libraries which... 1 52
Vala Next PPA Current stable Vala packages and some related libraries which ... 1 65
Vala PPA Vala packages and some related libraries which are actively ma... 2 90
Set up Spice-Gtk-0.7.46-314c on Ubuntu Oneiric Packaged version version of Spice-Gtk-0.7.46 is built up on cu... 8 23
Spice-Gtk-0.7.4X (GTK2&GTK3), LibUsbredir 0.3.1, Qemu-kvm-0.15... Packaged version version of Spice-Gtk-0.7.4X is built up on cu... 8 23
Vala Panel PPA This is a PPA for Vala Panel and its extras. 2 44
Vala Panel Plugins This PPA is for plugins for vala-panel (unfortunately, it cann... 2 25
Vala Backport of Vala 1 9
altyo AltYo ===== AltYo - drop-down console, is written in vala, de... 1 23
general Software developed by Daniel Espinosa: * GNOME Vala Language ... 1 7
AlphaBBS Just another GTK+ BBS client implemented Vala. http://github.c... 1 2
BirdFont font editor BirdFont is a free font editor that lets you create vector gra... 1 3
Black & Backer daily PPA A simple GUI for easily creating backups of local data. It is... 1 4
GCleaner GCleaner is a port of CCleaner for Elementary OS Freya and Ubu... 1 1
GameHub Games manager/downloader/library written in Vala. https://tkas... 2 20
PPA for telemaco telemaco packages : This packages are for developers * Mob... 3 6
PPA named resize for Levente Szabó This is a ppa for the application Resize. The applicaton is w... 1 1
Pruebas en VALA Un repositorio PPA para probar compilaciones de recetas (recip... 1 1
SevenUSBurn SevenUSBurn is an easy-to-use and fast application, written in... 1 0
gdh PPA for my Ubuntu apps and other stuff. SGTimer - Advanced sh... 2 14
pino Pino is Twitter client for Linux desktop. It's simple and fast... 1 2
development PPA development PPA unstable 20 252
Experimental PPA for Mark Lee (malept) Packages considered to be experimental/unstable in nature. Use... 13 277
Mate (and Xfce) PPA The packages in this PPA require MATE 1.8 or newer. For Ubuntu... 7 61
Vala Protocol Buffer Releases 2 19
talyta nothing just isen 4 57
Bionic updates 68 305
GUPnP & Rygel packages I try to backport packages from debian experimental as soon as... 17 190
PPA for Awn-core You will find the latest stable version of Awn in this PPA. C... 5 161
PPA for Mark Lee * Awn experimental builds (i.e., desktop-agnostic) * Web dev... 59 262
PPA for Odin 7 94
UPnP related packages Packages related to UPnP/DLNA media servers (in particular Ryg... 11 88
backports contains the latest budgie-desktop for Ubuntu Budgie together ... 38 285
test2 58 146
GMPC Build-Depends This archive contains the necessary backport packages to build... 17 73
Gnome Flashback for Ubuntu 20 36
PPA for Andrew Starr-Bochicchio This PPA contains packages that I am working on, either newer ... 22 132
PPA for Nicolas Bruguier Cairo composite manager repos 6 57
PPA named awn-applets for Mark Lee Packages which contain Awn applets and/or plugins: * gmpc-awn... 11 119
PPA named backports for Julien Lavergne Quick backports from Debian unstable/experimental or newer Ubu... 58 202
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox backports PPA maintained by WebUpd8: http://www.web... 19 144
Bop Scop PPA 1 7
Cairo Compositing Manager cairo-compmgr stable builds 2 56
Docky Development PPA This ppa is used for docky developers. Beta testing anything h... 10 50
Emerillon Daily builds for emerillon based on the Launchpad import 4 22
GNOME Shell 15 97
LffL Lucid Testing Applicazioni Aggiornate per Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid in versione Tes... 21 60
Need DevHelp PPA 2 11
PPA for Gert Kulyk 6 44
PPA for Grilo Team 13 186
PPA for Iain Lane I don't really use this PPA, and you probably shouldn't either. 10 93
PPA for Matthias Mailänder This is my playground for learning Debian packaging. 8 19
PPA for matthaeus123 This contains various builds of open source programs that will... 26 145
PPA for Łukasz Jernaś 3 11
PPA named unstable for Julien Lavergne Current packages developement. It contains package not availab... 56 459
Test Jim Nelson's PPA test bed. 5 18
fso 2 3
test only for testing purposes - DO NOT add this PPA to your system 47 90
BeatBox-AU! 4 27
Cairo Dock PPA PPA for Cairo DOCK 2 5
Cairo-Dock 2 39
Cairo-Dock (Stable) This PPA contains packages for the stable release of Cairo-Doc... 2 181
Cairo-Dock (Weekly - UNSTABLE) Contains packages for the UNSTABLE release of Cairo-Dock (Week... 2 142
Cairo-Dock: Experimental Builds It's not advised to use this ppa ;) For Cairo-Dock => https:/... 2 63
Compiz For Blackdragon 12 34
Compiz test repo 8 28
Dev PPA for dependencies This PPA provides dependencies for the other PPAs. The reason ... 5 51
Development Repository for the budgie-remix team to develop new packages. ... 6 33
Ease Ease, a Clutter-based desktop presentation application. 5 65
Elementary-style Some software in elementary style! 6 26
Ella Developement PPA This is the unstable ppa of Ella. ella packages was auto-bui... 8 41
Evolution Bionic Backport No changes backport of evolution from disco to bionic. This is... 9 65
Fabian Köster's PPA This PPA provides builds of packages I am working on. First th... 5 14
175 of 185 results