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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
GNOME Zeitgeist Alpha quality packages for the Zeitgeist engine and GNOME Zeit... 1 2
Zeitgeist Development snapshots of the Zeitgeist engine and related prod... 7 27
Rhythmbox This PPA contains the following: 1. for Saucy, a rebuild of t... 1 38
Time Freeze This PPA contains stable releases of Zeitgeist Time Freeze. 1 4
zeitgeist-sharp daily builds This PPA contains the packages related to zeitgeist-sharp 3 8
Experimental packages This PPA contains all the bleeding edge packages. Please use a... 2 24
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 31 56
Experiments Kills your cat. 4 22
PPA for Markus Korn 18 40
PPA named unstable for Julien Lavergne Current packages developement. It contains package not availab... 55 445
PPA for Synapse core 8 62
Testing PPA 8 40
PPA for Teester 34 96
Banshee unstable builds This PPA contains unstable builds of the Banshee Media Player.... 27 366
DBuster testing PPA Testing builds of DBuster (lib and server). See project page ... 6 56
For testing 1 12
My small progs and other Now it contains only latest anjuta for Ubuntu Precise, but in ... 2 19
PPA for Grilo Team 15 172
PPA for Luis Medinas Personal PPA for misc packages. 4 17
PPA for Testing Only This ppa contains packages that I am testing. Do not use these... 4 25
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox backports PPA maintained by WebUpd8: http://www.web... 19 144
Rhythmbox Daily Builds Daily builds of the Rhythmbox music player. Additional plug-in... 2 58
Rhythmbox with grilo (DLNA/UPnP) support Slightly modified Ubuntu rhythmbox package with the grilo plug... 1 24
Rhythmbox: musicbrainz lookup, year tag & add radio fixs * apply audiocd patch for musicbrainz lookup     - (LP: Bug #1... 2 31
Tanty's bugfixes and enhancements This PPA holds changes from official Ubuntu packages that are ... 6 48
Test builds random stuff for testing builds - this is for my own personal ... 1 28
playground my personal playground - nothing guaranteed to work! 42 87
zz. scratch Don't use this PPA, or depend on it in any way. (I certainly ... 5 10
Avant Window Navigator PPA This PPA has been moved to 3 119
Banshee Player This Unofficial PPA Contains latest Banshee Media Player by ht... 5 58
Banshee daily builds This repository currently tracks Banshee daily builds from git... 23 473
PPA for Awn Testing Team This PPA contains official Avant Window Navigator latest devel... 3 132
Personal PPA don't use this 21 215
Potentially pretty unstable stuff According to its name, it is risky but cool stuff if it works ... 252 1316
Precise Updates 449 1369
QApt Experimental A place for packages for prerelease versions of QApt/Muon 4 96
Quantal quasi rolling updated packages for Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal) 581 2386
Selene It gives Yet Another, Unofficial Luna theming for elementary f... 13 66
desktop-apps - Banshee built from git plus some uncommitted patches - othe... 2 6
elementary OS specific patches (Raring) DO NOT ADD THIS PPA!!! Here dwell patched Ubuntu packages whi... 21 131
matttbe This ppa can contain some testing packages of Cairo-Dock and o... 83 644
staging Not for user consumption. Packages to be pushed here for stagi... 6 139
142 of 42 results