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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
GNOME Zeitgeist Alpha quality packages for the Zeitgeist engine and GNOME Zeit... 1 2
Zeitgeist Development snapshots of the Zeitgeist engine and related prod... 7 27
Time Freeze This PPA contains stable releases of Zeitgeist Time Freeze. 1 4
zeitgeist-sharp daily builds This PPA contains the packages related to zeitgeist-sharp 3 8
Experimental packages This PPA contains all the bleeding edge packages. Please use a... 2 24
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 31 56
Experiments Kills your cat. 4 22
PPA for Markus Korn 18 40
PPA named unstable for Julien Lavergne Current packages developement. It contains package not availab... 55 445
Testing PPA 8 40
PPA for Teester 34 100
Andrzej Mendel personal ppa Personal ppa for packages I need. If any catches your fancy, y... 3 24
Ant testing out Trying out the latest stuff. Remember, if you come along for t... 7 23
Banshee unstable builds This PPA contains unstable builds of the Banshee Media Player.... 27 366
DBuster testing PPA Testing builds of DBuster (lib and server). See project page ... 6 56
For testing 2 22
Grilo enabling 2 22
My small progs and other Now it contains only latest anjuta for Ubuntu Precise, but in ... 2 19
PPA for Grilo Team 14 186
PPA for Luis Medinas Personal PPA for misc packages. 4 17
PPA for Testing Only This ppa contains packages that I am testing. Do not use these... 4 25
Rhythmbox This PPA contains the following: 1. for trusty (14.04) and la... 1 79
Rhythmbox Rhythmbox backports PPA maintained by WebUpd8: http://www.web... 19 144
Rhythmbox with grilo (DLNA/UPnP) support Slightly modified Ubuntu rhythmbox package with the grilo plug... 1 37
Rhythmbox: musicbrainz lookup, year tag & add radio fixs * apply audiocd patch for musicbrainz lookup     - (LP: Bug #1... 2 31
Tanty's bugfixes and enhancements This PPA holds changes from official Ubuntu packages that are ... 9 96
Test builds random stuff for testing builds - this is for my own personal ... 4 61
UCL Linux Multitasking Study 16 184
bordel bordel 11 54
media Up-to-date media applications 15 107
playground my personal playground - nothing guaranteed to work! 50 99
zz. scratch Don't use this PPA, or depend on it in any way. (I certainly ... 5 10
Artivity 7 9
Avant Window Navigator PPA This PPA has been moved to 3 172
Banshee Player This Unofficial PPA Contains latest Banshee Media Player by ht... 5 58
Banshee daily builds This repository currently tracks Banshee daily builds from git... 23 473
Favorite Packages 10 62
GNOME Testing PPA === WARNING === Make sure you know what you are doing! You are... 50 546
PPA for Awn Testing Team This PPA contains official Avant Window Navigator latest devel... 3 132
PPA for midnightflash Just to make it easy to spread Wallpapoz to the Ubuntu-world. 5 28
Precise Updates 546 1685
QApt Experimental A place for packages for prerelease versions of QApt/Muon 4 96
Zorin OS Packages The repository for Zorin OS-specific packages. 21 76
autoqueue ppa for lp:autoqueue 2 31
desktop-apps - Banshee built from git plus some uncommitted patches - othe... 2 6
elementary OS specific patches (Raring) DO NOT ADD THIS PPA!!! Here dwell patched Ubuntu packages whi... 21 131
matttbe This ppa can contain some testing packages of Cairo-Dock and o... 87 748
staging Not for user consumption. Packages to be pushed here for stagi... 6 153
148 of 48 results