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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
mpsdiamondscript MovieStarPlanet is intended for younger players around the age... 0 0
diehard67's xorg abi hack a dirty little hack to get old nvidia drivers to install and r... 1 1
Budgie Desktop Simple desktop using libmutter and a panel ** NOTE: THIS IS NO... 0 0
scanmem & GameConqueror NO LONGER UPDATED *********************** scanmem is a game h... 1 18
1062 random fonts 1062 Truetype fonts, in no particular order or style. No hack... 0 0
ALSA snd-hda module DKMS PPA A DKMS backport of the latest ALSA High Definition Audio snd-... 1 1
Battery Indicator: Percentage version I'ts just a hack on Ubuntu's default indicator-power that chan... 1 3
Cyrus SASL Library This PPA contains an Ubuntu package for the current developmen... 1 13
Cyware Find the latest cyber hacking news and articles at 0 0
Dirties This PPA contains packages that implements hacks, and are suit... 6 21
ExoPC Repository for hacking exopc 1 1
Experimental stuff Don't use this PPA. It could break your system. It's a dumpi... 1 18
Extra packages Some extra packages and dependencies for OpenContrail. Using ... 62 112
Free Instagram Followers We don’t improve this type of instagram fans hack tool or gene... 0 0
FreeRADIUS + Experimental Modules Ubuntu FreeRADIUS with some experimental modules enabled and C... 1 12
GNOME Terminal with Google Search Support My hack with GNOME Terminal, add Google Search Support! The c... 1 8
HGD HGD (Hackathon Gunther Daemon) is a multi user jukebox suitibl... 2 5
Hacks for i915 GPUs Hacks to get i915 and later GPUs work reliably under the Xenia... 2 19
ISP hacker Hacks Internet Service Providers using MAC spoofing technique. 0 0
Jasmine Iwanek's PPA Experimental DIB Engine for Wine This can be enabled by setti... 11 47
KDE Olena Hack Olena is a platform dedicated to image processing. At the mome... 0 0
KDE Tesseract Hack In computer software, Tesseract is a free optical character re... 0 0
LTS Backports WARNING: I am NOT an experienced packager and still learning. ... 5 22
LTSP hacks SmartCard enabling hacks for Ubuntu LTSP 1 7
Live Build Testing Personal Hacks for Live Build. Use with extreme caution. 2 3
MAAS ephemeral images This PPA is used in building of the maas images [1]. Adding p... 2 5
MPlayer MPlayer packages for Ubuntu. Introduction: one of the problem... 5 57
Modified Notify OSD with close-on-click Please don't use this PPA! I will not be making any further up... 1 1
MythTV 0.27/fixes with candidates for backports Prebuilt packages of changes that need testing before merging ... 1 26
Nad its all about hacking 0 0
PHP5.3 Ubuntu packages for the latest PHP5.3.x releases (currently 5.... 1 90
PHP5.4-Daily Ubuntu packages for the latest PHP5.4.0 development version. ... 1 89
PPA 4 This repository only for trusty designed for penetration testi... 460 745
PPA for B Clausius Nasty hacks, experimental features and fixes, use at your own ... 24 234
PPA for Gabe Gorelick Random packages I'm hacking on. 4 4
PPA for Go (experimental, build-dependency) Please don't use, this is experimental repository to hack Gola... 1 16
PPA for Kieran Fleming Hacks to packages to get certain pieces of hardware working 4 24
PPA for Recon Random packages I have either made or hacked together. Feel fr... 0 0
PPA for Reda El Khattabi Some of my own software and hacks, or software I didn't find a... 2 2
PPA for Tobias Abenius random hacks and upgrades 2 3
PPA for flocki Mostly gnome stuff I'm hacking. gnome-agenda http://code.googl... 0 0
Personal Dirty Hacks Just hacking whatever does not work for me... Do not use! 1 1
Proprietary GPU Drivers Fresh drivers from upstream, currently shipping Nvidia. ## Cu... 19 723
QQ Desk Desktop software I use and possibly even hack. 2 2
Releases Automatic builds of the latest NPM releases. This is a bit of... 1 5
Reprap Packaging of Reprap software (and firmware, and electronics de... 2 10
Rescuetime Ubuntu - Experimental Version This is a PPA for the rescuetime linux client, which I had no ... 0 0
Scilab 6 builds with LibHDF5 1.8 This PPA provides Scilab 6 packages for end-users with HDF5 do... 3 57
Thunderbird AppIndicator TB5 hack PPA It's a hack, but may work for you 1 3
Unity 8 13.10 dependencies Packages for hacking on Unity 8 0 0
Unofficial daily builds of Scribes Unofficial daily builds of Scribes. If you're upgrading from ... 1 3
Wine + DX Library font hack Wine + "DX Library font cache hack" patch (a dirty workaround ... 2 96
Wine Hacks ppa This ppa contains the build of Wine named "hacks". 1 4
World of Warcraft HW cursor wine packages Wine hardware cursor patched packages for use with my hack at ... 0 0
Your hide will make a fine poncho! Pure Debian unstable crack, no hacks. 5 8
Zip/unzip internationalization PPA These utilities have been changed to work with international f... 4 96
[outdated] Lucid Hacks - May break your system You probably dont want to use this archive on a production sys... 1 1
aidan packages of things wot i have built / hacked 0 0
ceph cluster usage Gather usage information about a running ceph cluster using li... 0 0
fsociety Fsociety Hacking Tools Pack 0 0
gviewer (Google Docs Viewer Launcher) Contains gviewer. An application that opens local documents in... 1 1
howard-chu-libgcrypt11-patch-for-ldap-clients 1. 2. http://bugs.debia... 1 25
iBus my hacks of iBus 2 8
imagemagick hacks Some slight hacks of imagemagick to make it actually work on a... 1 22
nvidia-graphics-drivers-396 - 396.26 copy of staging (do not u... **ATTENTION: BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING THIS SNAPSHOT BUILD, ... 1 49
openav hacking together packages for OpenAV apps 2 3
poofyyoda Contains packages that improve user experience. What I would ... 12 49
python-versiontools A piece of code that allows you to keep a single version defin... 1 5
swig My Swig hacks 1 6
unidebugit This a collection of hacking traning for Backtrack distribuition 0 0
unity builds Hacks and experiments with Unity * current target: permanent ... 1 20
OpenStack Swift Pike on Trusty 16 36
Samsung Chromebook (ARM) support packages 3 13
stacktach Packages of the individual StackTach 3 modules 23 60
175 of 142 results