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exmplayer ExMplayer is a free GUI front-end for award-winning MPlayer wi... 1 14
tv-player Tv-Player is an application written with the GTK graphic libra... 1 1
TV-MAXE + ChannelLists editor TV-MAXE is an application which provides the ability to watch ... 6 42
grilo-plugin-arte This plugin allows you to watch streams from on compat... 2 7
1Z0-1005 Oracle Exam Questions - Pass Exam In First Attempt 1Z0-1005 Dumps PDF - 2019 Latest Oracle Azure 1Z0-1005 Braindu... 0 0
AIMS Desktop AIMS-desktop is developed at the African Institute for Mathema... 51 80
Audio-Recorder-Applet (deprecated) NOTICE: rec-applet has been renamed to "audio-recorder" and it... 1 3
Baka MPlayer Baka MPlayer is a free and open source, cross-platform, libmpv... 0 0
Calico 3.0.x This PPA contains packages for Calico's 3.0.x release series, ... 2 6
CoreAVC-for-Ubuntu IMPORTANT: Using coreavc with these builds is completely optio... 8 92
Debian and Utnubu Packages If there are any interesting package (at least, interesting fo... 0 0
HoneyWRT IDS IPS Its built in python twisted to watch for and log incoming conn... 0 0
LiveTuner LiveTuner is a GUI for streamlink (previously known as livestr... 1 4
MKV to MP4 Allows you to convert an .mkv file into an .mp4 file. The prog... 0 0
Miniature A chess board to play and learn wherever you go - http://wiki.... 1 1
Multiplank A plank for every screen: this app watches for screen/monitor ... 1 4
ODB - On demand backup On demand backup is a CLI utility designed to backup your file... 0 0
PPA for Remuco Team Remuco is already in the official Ubuntu repositories (since K... 3 46
PPSSPP - Git "unstable" version WATCH OUT!!! PPSSPP from this PPA is a development version, ba... 2 54
PlayToDLNA Experimentation of plug-ins and applications that utilize the ... 2 2
Roxee The Roxee client application is a next-generation movie player... 0 0
SMPlayer - complete front-end for MPlayer Qt4 Mplayer front-end, with basic features like playing vide... 1 14
Seedboxer PPA SeedBoxer is a distribution content system based on users queu... 0 0
Simutrans Establish a successful transport company. Transport passengers... 0 0
The Blob Game The Blob Game is a 2D platformer. The hero, set out to search ... 1 4
The Powder Toy The Powder Toy is a free physics sandbox game, which simulates... 0 0
Tor Browser Tor Browser: Anonymous browsing using Firefox and Tor. More i... 1 11
Tor Browser Bundle Alpha What is the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB)? The Tor software protec... 2 10
VDR4YOU A Distribution for watching TV withe the Linux based Video Dis... 16 23
Video Marker Nautilus extension for marking watched video files. 0 0
WatchVideo WatchVideo is an application to watch videos from many popular... 0 0
jslog-uploader Watch and upload content of log files to JsLog 0 0
mplayer MPlayer is a movie player which runs on many systems (see the ... 0 0
mucias mucias is an daemon that will watch in specified directories f... 0 0
package omicronfacebook_1.0-1ppa1 OmicronFacebook is a free application for linux and windows us... 0 0
ubuntu-fr This PPA contains the requirement for the ubuntu-fr iso and it... 2 3
zombie hal Trying to keep HAL alive for a little longer, mostly because I... 2 40
apt-vivid ABI break for vivid 21 80
Adelie A testing repository setup purely for the purpose of learning ... 4 4
Apps Apps that are not available in Ubuntu universe repositories or... 38 258
Artful PPA for Dominik Stadler A PPA for packages that are compiled against pure Artful witho... 24 46
Bionic PPA for Dominik Stadler A PPA for packages that are compiled against pure Bionic witho... 15 27
Enthought PPA Packages for internal use at Enthought. Enthought specializes... 6 25
Enthought Staging PPA Packages waiting to be migrated into main PPA 7 36
Experimental packages 1 1
Extra Ubuntu / Linux Mint Applications PPA for applications not available in the official Ubuntu repo... 6 29
For testing Packages 12 55
Gstyle PPA mon petit depot personnel 8 27
Juno Applications This PPA contains drivers for Juno Computers machines. https:... 25 27
Juno Apps Unstable DO NOT USE THIS PPA! It will make your machine very unstable 17 17
Kermit's packages A place to put my stuff to. 1 8
Kiwi Linux release archive Official package archive for Kiwi Linux 15 73
Libretro Stable This PPA holds stable release packages of RetroArch and libret... 60 576
Libretro Testing/Nightly This PPA holds unstable, testing packages of RetroArch and lib... 97 935
Miscellaneous 5 18
Multimedija 8 21
My PPA My PPA! 28 87
My PPA 2 28 124
My Stuff 2 4
PPA for Dominik Stadler Various packages that add some applications to the current lat... 15 27
PPA for Gernot Pansy My personal packages (mostly up-to-date packages): plasmoid-s... 6 13
PPA for M. Emin Akşehirli packages developed and maintained by me 1 1
PPA for Philippe Coval Work in progress use it at your own risk Anyway cooperation to... 118 219
PPA for Treewatch Team 1 8
PPA of GNOME DVB Daemon This PPA contains packages for GNOME DVB Daemon. Execute the ... 2 18
Packaged Python Packages Various backports and Python packages packaged from the Python... 26 83
Precise Quasi Rolling [unmantained] Updated packages for Ubuntu Precise (12.04) Please use: https... 307 735
Schwinn 810 GPS watch Data extraction software. Homepage: 1 4
Stable Repository Packages for inclusion in Aadya OS stable release or to be off... 2 2
TV-Viewer Packages for TV-Viewer To install the OpenPGP key for this PP... 1 6
The Official TV-MAXE PPA The Official TV-MAXE PPA! Supported releases :     TV-MAXE : ... 4 22
Ubuntu Control Center 64-bit Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Man... 39 20
Ubuntu packages for submplayer Ubuntu packages for submplayer ( 1 6
Wily PPA for Dominik Stadler A PPA for packages that are compiled against pure Wily without... 18 54
Xenial PPA for Dominik Stadler A PPA for packages that are compiled against pure Xenial witho... 27 77
175 of 84 results