Comment 4 for bug 77675

I have generated the build diff.gz (apache2_2.2.3-3.2build1.diff.gz) for apache2_2.2.3-3.2build1_all.deb, which includes the apache2-ssl-certificate, ssleay.cnf, and modified rules file to push these files out into their proper locations, (per the apache2 (2.0) deb package). The easiest way to use this, (until it is applied to the apache2 (2.2) source package) is to:

1. sudo apt-get build-dep apache2
2. sudo apt-get source -d apache2 (download only mode)
3. sudo cp path/to/apache2_2.2.3-3.2build1.dsc path/to/apache2_2.2.3-3.2build1.diff.gz .
(replace the existing diff.gz and .dsc with the files I have attached)
4. dpkg-source -x apache2_2.2.3-3.2build1.dsc
5. cd apache2-2.2.3
6. fakeroot debian/rules binary
7. sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb (modify to install the correct deb packages for your installation)

The apache2-ssl-certificate script is in:

Obviously, these attachments are amd64 specific, but the changes that I made are platform agnostic, so someone with i386, etc., should be able to apply the same changes to their platform. I'll upload the modified files as well, to help facilitate this.