apparmor 3.0.4-1ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


apparmor (3.0.4-1ubuntu1) jammy; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian unstable; remaining changes:
    - Drop the following patches that have been included in the upstream
      release or which Debian has also included:
      - d/p/ubuntu/adjust-for-ibus-1.5.22.patch
      - d/p/ubuntu/0011-add-mctp-network-protocol.patch
    - Refresh
      d/p/regression-tests-fix-aa_policy_cache-when-using-syst.patch to the
      official version from upstream
    - d/p/u/samba-systemd-interaction.patch: allow smbd to interact with
    - d/p/u/libnss-systemd.patch: allow accessing the libnss-systemd
      VarLink sockets and DBus APIs
    - Disable lto builds
    - Fix autotest
      - d/p/ubuntu/fix-test-aa-notify.patch
    - Drop outdated lintian-overrides

apparmor (3.0.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release
  * apparmor-profiles: install new samba-bgqd profile
  * Drop backported patches that are now obsolete
  * debian/allow-access-to-ibus-socket.patch: drop support for pre-Bullseye
    ibus path
  * Declare compliance with Policy
  * Drop XS- prefix for adopted Python-Version control field
  * Add new symbols

apparmor (3.0.3-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * debian/rules: let "set -e" take effect (Closes: #998843)
  * Add support for Python 3.10 (Closes: #998686):
    - upstream-ab4cfb5e-replace-distutils-with-setuptools.patch: new patch,
      edited to drop changes to upstream .gitignore.
    - Add build-dependency on python3-setuptools

apparmor (3.0.3-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Debian Janitor ]
  * Remove constraints unnecessary since stretch.

  [ Helmut Grohne ]
  * Make the package cross-buildable (Closes: #984582):
    - Multiarchify python Build-Depends
    - Let dh_auto_build pass cross tools to make
    - Annotate perl build-dependency with !nocheck

  [ intrigeri ]
  * Remove obsolete libapparmor-perl on upgrade

apparmor (3.0.3-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Merge apparmor-easyprof into apparmor-utils (Closes: #972880)
  * Make apparmor-utils and python3-apparmor arch:all (Closes: #972881)

apparmor (3.0.3-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Adjust gbp.conf and Vcs-* control fields for 3.0.x now being in sid.
  * Stop building the libapparmor-perl binary package (Closes: #993565)
  * Update Lintian overrides
  * Add B-D on dh-sequence-python3, to workaround #996089 in Lintian
  * B-D: python3-all → python3-all:any, to appease Lintian

apparmor (3.0.3-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Upload to unstable

apparmor (3.0.3-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release
  * Drop debian/
  * Refresh patches
  * Merge changes from sid, up to 2.13.6-10
  * upstream-6cfc6eee-python-3.10.patch: new patch,
    for compatibility with Python 3.10

 -- Alex Murray <email address hidden>  Tue, 22 Feb 2022 10:13:44 +1030

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Binary packages built by this source

apparmor: user-space parser utility for AppArmor

 apparmor provides the system initialization scripts needed to use the
 AppArmor Mandatory Access Control system, including the AppArmor Parser
 which is required to convert AppArmor text profiles into machine-readable
 policies that are loaded into the kernel for use with the AppArmor Linux
 Security Module.

apparmor-dbgsym: debug symbols for apparmor
apparmor-notify: AppArmor notification system

 apparmor-notify provides a utility to display AppArmor denial
 messages via desktop notifications. The utility can also be used to
 generate summary reports.

apparmor-profiles: experimental profiles for AppArmor security policies

 apparmor-profiles provides various experimental AppArmor profiles.
 Do not expect these profiles to work out-of-the-box.
 These profiles are not mature enough to be shipped in enforce mode by
 default on Debian. They are shipped in complain mode so that users
 can test them, choose which are desired, and help improve them
 upstream if needed.
 Some even more experimental profiles are included in

apparmor-utils: utilities for controlling AppArmor

 apparmor-utils provides utilities that operate on AppArmor
 profiles. Profiles can be created, updated, enforced, set to complain
 mode, and disabled with tools such as aa-genprof, aa-enforce,
 aa-complain and aa-disable.
 Additionally, the aa-easyprof utility helps generating AppArmor policy.
 It supports the use of templates and policy groups to quickly profile
 an application.

dh-apparmor: AppArmor debhelper routines

 dh-apparmor provides the debhelper tools used to install and migrate
 AppArmor profiles. This is normally used from package maintainer scripts
 during install and removal.

libapache2-mod-apparmor: changehat AppArmor library as an Apache module

 libapache2-mod-apparmor provides the Apache module needed to declare
 various differing confinement policies when running virtual hosts in the
 webserver by using the changehat abilities exposed through libapparmor.

libapache2-mod-apparmor-dbgsym: debug symbols for libapache2-mod-apparmor
libapparmor-dev: AppArmor development libraries and header files

 libapparmor-dev provides the development libraries and header
 files needed to link against libapparmor, as well as
 the manpages for library functions.

libapparmor1: changehat AppArmor library

 libapparmor1 provides a shared library one can compile programs
 against in order to use various AppArmor functionality,
 such as transitioning to a different AppArmor profile or hat.

libapparmor1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libapparmor1
libpam-apparmor: changehat AppArmor library as a PAM module

 libpam-apparmor provides the PAM module needed to declare various
 differing confinement policies when starting PAM sessions by using the
 changehat abilities exposed through libapparmor.

libpam-apparmor-dbgsym: debug symbols for libpam-apparmor
python3-apparmor: AppArmor Python3 utility library

 python3-apparmor provides the Python3 modules that implement the
 higher-level AppArmor applications.

python3-libapparmor: AppArmor library Python3 bindings

 python3-libapparmor provides the Python3 module that contains the language
 bindings for the AppArmor library, libapparmor, which were autogenerated
 via SWIG.

python3-libapparmor-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-libapparmor