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ben (0.6.6ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

  * Resynchronise with Debian.  Remaining changes:
    - Show Ubuntu logo.
    - Allow configs to request the Packages/Sources files are not
      redownloaded (so that we can download once and for all at the start).
  * Add an Ubuntu template.
  * Tolerate templates with buildds or critical_bugs entries that return

ben (0.6.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Simplify computation of dependency levels by using ocamlgraph's SCC
  * Use uninstallable:yes instead of debcheck:uninstallable
  * Add back edos-debcheck pseudo-field for compatibility with the setup
  * Update copyright information

ben (0.6.5) unstable; urgency=low

  [ St├ęphane Glondu ]
  * Upload to unstable
  * Migrate to dose-debcheck (Closes: #707599)
    - the pseudo-header "edos-debcheck" has been renamed into "debcheck";
      existing .ben files using it might need update
  * Add visual indication for sources that build "MA: same" binaries
    (Closes: #711908)
  * New computation of dependency levels, which should give better results
    when there are cycles or several connected components
  * Drop dependency to ocamlgraph (no longer used)
  * Update Vcs-*
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes)

  [ Mehdi Dogguy ]
  * Fix changelog urls
  * Only warn instead of exiting when a .ben file is incorrect
  * Better error reporting wrt. configuration files
  * Separator between comparison operators and versions can be empty
  * Handle architecture restrictions in packages' relationships
  * Command-line flags --use-cache and --cache-file are now available
    for all frontends.

  [ Johannes Schauer ]
  * Allow creation of a cache in download (Closes: #714703)

ben (0.6.4) experimental; urgency=low

  * Pass -thread to ocamldoc when generating API documentation.
  * Pass needed flags to dh_ocaml so that Ben doesn't define modules
    Benl_error and Benl_templates.
  * Provide minimal documentation about HTML templates for Ben, and how
    to build them.

ben (0.6.3) experimental; urgency=low

  * Fix a typo in Makefile which made the build system try a native
    build on architectures where dynlink.cmxa is not available.

ben (0.6.2) experimental; urgency=low

  * Add missing dependency on curl. Thanks to Luca Falavigna for spotting
  * Make libjs-jquery a strong dependency and put a symlink in media
    (Closes: #680273)
  * Add docbook-xsl to Build-Depends (needed on Ubuntu to build the
    documentation). Thanks to Iain Lane!
  * Add a basic template mechanism
    - HTML templates are put under /usr/lib/ben/templates
    - Add --template command line option to "ben monitor" and "ben tracker"
    - Add "template" and "base-url" as configuration keys for "ben tracker"
  * The "media" directory is taken care by Ben directly now when "monitor"
    and "tracker" are used (See commit a5c222db6990da84ec30e4878d53bbda6).
  * Fix dependencies of the library in the META file.
 -- Colin Watson <email address hidden>   Mon, 04 Nov 2013 14:41:20 +0000

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Colin Watson on 2013-11-04
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Ubuntu Developers
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ben: toolbox for Debian maintainers

 This is a collection of useful tools that Debian maintainers can use
 to make their packaging work easier. They all work with regular
 Debian package list files, and should be useful for Debian
 derivatives as well. This package ships a single executable, "ben",
 with the following subcommands:
  * download: download a set of package list files from a mirror
  * monitor: monitor the status of a set of packages across several
    architectures (useful for transitions)
  * query: query packages using their metadata (similar to grep-dctrl,
    but uses a dedicated query language)
  * tracker: frontend to multiple monitors

libben-ocaml: OCaml libraries for Debian maintainers (runtime package)

 This package contains miscellaneous OCaml libraries to make the life
 of an OCaml-aware Debian package maintainer easier.
 This package contains the shared runtime stub libraries.

libben-ocaml-dev: OCaml libraries for Debian maintainers (development package)

 This package contains miscellaneous OCaml libraries to make the life
 of an OCaml-aware Debian package maintainer easier.
 This package contains development files of the library.