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Bug #1536181: bind9-resolvconf service doesn't work Undecided New 3 weeks

From: ilia
Link: bind9-resolvconf.patch


Bug #1553176: BIND ignores nanoseconds field in timestamps, fails to load newer versions of zones on reload High Confirmed 12 weeks

From: LaMont Jones
Link: 70_precise_time.diff

patch to fix the issue.

Bug #1377238: Diff between Bind9 hint and the actual ROOT hint file Undecided New 86 weeks

From: Marco
Link: root-hints.diff


Bug #782614: make configuring DNSSEC validation easier Low Confirmed 251 weeks

From: Anand Kumria
Link: 0005-Add-in-the-current-root-.-DNSSEC-key.patch


Bug #815504: glibc double free when using postgres dlz Low Confirmed 253 weeks

From: Anand Kumria
Link: 0001-Do-not-allow-for-a-double-free.patch


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