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cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/add-ons/Makefile: Remove "|| true" from shared-lib generating
    shell script snippet calling "$(MAKE) install.shlib" subprocesses.

  * Patches to fix FTBFS on Itanium:
    - New patch 115-rsrtnt64-goto-outer-block: Patch from Patrice Dumas
      to fix spaghetti code in src/mathlib/gen/b/rsrtnt64.F.
    - New patch 116-fix-fconc64-spaghetti-code to work around linker breakage
      with recent binutils on ia64, caused by assignment to goto labels in

  * New patch 117-fix-optimizer-bug-in-gphot from Harald Vogt <email address hidden>
    to work around compiler optimization problem in src/geant321/gphys/gphot.F.

  * Revised and enabled patch 211-fix-comis-on-amd64 from Harald
    Vogt to make PAW and Paw++ work better on 64-bit platforms.  Some
    small modifications made from the initial patch preserving the dynamic
    library ABI and making it unnecessary to use g77's -fno-f2c flag.
    Shlib versions (but not sonames) bumped in debian/rules for libpawlib and
    - patches 315, 701: Resynced.
    - patch 307: Synced with current version of cfortran.h from cfortran
      package (4.4-8).
    - Build-Depend on cfortran (>= 4.4-8) to work around GCC bug 15397.
      See the cfortran 4.4-8 changelog and NEWS.Debian for more information.
    - debian/README.{64-bit,amd64}: Discuss in more detail potential problems
      on 64-bit platforms.

  * Added additional patch 211-fix-comis-on-ia64 to improve PAW usability on
    Itanium.  This builds on the work already done by Harald Vogt, using
    information obtained from _IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation_
    (Mosberger and Eranian) and from tests run on
    This is far from a complete solution; PAW is still quite broken on ia64.

  * Give up on having dynamically linked PAW work on 64-bit arches.  Get rid
    of the paw-static and paw++-static packages; PAW and Paw++ will be
    dynamically linked on 32-bit arches and statically linked against Cern
    libs on 64-bit arches.
    - debian/copyright{,.in}: paw*-static -> paw*
    - debian/rules: Copy working versions of paw++ and pawX11 into the install
      tree (dynamically linked versions if that works, static otherwise).
    - debian/control.d/paw{,++}-static.control: These are now dummy Arch: all
      packages depending upon paw{,++} for smooth upgrades.
    - debian/debhelper/paw{,++}.links: Remove unneeded man-page links...
    - debian/{debhelper,lintian}/paw*-static.*: ... and *-static package
      debhelper files.
    - debian/debhelper/paw{,++}{,-static}.preinst: Remove alternatives links
      in new preinsts.  Delete old postinst/prerms that implemented the links.
    - debian/rules: Re-add man page and binary links for
      paw{X11,++}.{dynamic,static} only as appropriate, for backwards
    - debian/control.d/paw*, debian/debhelper/paw*.links: Move pawX11.1.gz
      and paw++.1.gz from paw-common into paw and paw++ packages.
      Add Replaces: paw-common (<< 2005.05.09.dfsg-3) for paw and paw++.
      Add direct Depends: g77 for paw and paw++ (they may be statically linked
      so we can't rely on the indirect Depends via libpawlib2).

  * Patch 302: Revise to have the "paw" script in the paw-common package
    exit with a sane error message if it can't find pawX11 or paw++ binaries.
    - debian/control.d/paw-common.control: Change the paw-common package's
      Depends: paw++ | paw-binary to a Recommends: paw | paw-binary to
      prevent the circular dependency paw, paw++ => paw-common => paw, paw++.

  * debian/add-ons/bin/ Take advantage of the Linux linker's
    intelligence, and don't have the cernlib script output any of
    "-lXp -lXext -lSM -lICE -lblas" when run on Linux if not specifically
    requested.  None of those libraries contain symbols needed by any
    Cernlib library or binary; they are only indirect dependencies
    required when linking 100% statically.  This reduces the number of
    spurious package dependencies somewhat.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <email address hidden>  Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:47:00 -0500

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