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checkbox (0.14.4) quantal; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (LP: #1039094)

  [ Daniel Manrique ]
  * New version 0.14.4 for Quantal Quetzal development.
  * Added new audio_test and test definitions.

  [Jeff Lane]
  * jobs/ added tests for removable eSATA drives
    scripts/removable_storage_test: added support for ata_serial_esata devices
    scripts/removable_storage_watcher: added support for ata_serial_esata
  * scripts/optical_write_test: changed behaviour to timeout after 5 minutes
    rather than a few seconds to give testers a chance to complete the test
    without having to sit on top of the machine waiting. If tester doesn't hit
    itself and proceed.
    jobs/ Cleared up text in the existing manual optical write
    tests and added two automated tests that can be used if desired (they still
    require the user to push the tray in after writing, but eliminate other
  * scripts/graphics_driver: Added this script based to parse Xorg.0.log and
    discover the currently running graphics driver and driver version
    jobs/ Added a new job to take advantage of the
    graphics_driver script.
    data/whitelists/default.whitelist: Added the graphics_driver job to the
    default whitelist because this would be good data to gather for UF and
    doesn't cost much
  * scripts/graphics_driver: Merged Alberto Milone's work on a
    hybrid_graphics_test into graphics_driver as his stuff and my stuff were
    similar enough to be in the same script, plus this allows the advantage of
    using Bryce Harrington's xorglog library down the road.
  * scripts/removable_storage_test: removed a lot of unnecessary output to
    clean up the test run and also added in some basic performance monitoring.

  [Sylvain Pineau]
  * jobs/, jobs/ Move gtkperk to the benchmarks
  * jobs/, scripts/wifi_time2reconnect: Add a test to monitor
    the time needed to reconnect to a WIFI access point.
  * jobs/ Added a check for ARM Vector Floating Point Unit support.
  * jobs/ Add 3 new manual tests (tap-detect, drag-n-drop and
  * jobs/ Added a test that verifies that the various audio
    channels are working properly.
  * scripts/camera_test, jobs/ Replace the call to "xawtv -hwscan"
    in camera_test by the VIDIOC_QUERYCAP ioctl, xawtv requirement removed.
  * jobs/, jobs/, scripts/ Add LED
  * jobs/ Resurrect scripts/sleep_test as a fallback of fwts for
    the suspend/suspend_advanced test.

  [Brendan Donegan]
  * scripts/audio_settings: Converted script from Perl to Python(3), putting
    it in line with approved technology guidelines
  * jobs/ Fixed audio jobs to use --file option of audio_settings
    instead of piping to STDOUT.
  * Prettify the Step icons that appear next to each test step in the test run
    screen (LP: #1036085)
  * Remove the 'Don't show this message on startup' checkbox from the
    introduction screen, since it isn't used (LP: #1036218)
  * Continue to run the progress bar when the test dependencies are being
    resolved so that it doesn't look like the UI hung (LP: #1036573)
  * Remove gcov_attachment from default whitelist since it depends on lcov
    which is not in the default install, and is not used anyway.

  [Nathan Williams]
  * scripts/network_check: Fixed exception handling in the absence of zenity
    (LP: #988260)

  [Samantha Jian]
  * Added disk spindown test script and definition.
  * Added support for BT devices on PCI bus. (LP: #1036124)

  [Jeff Marcom]
  * Added Accelerometer test.
  * scripts/gst_pipeline_test, jobs/ Added device sink check

  [Matt Fischer]
  * Added test to check that volume is within acceptable range and audio
    elements are not muted.
  * scripts/camera_test: added the resolutions option to take sample pictures
    in all resolutions supported by the specified webcam
    jobs/ added the camera/multiple-resolution-images test which
    utilitizes the changes to the camera_test script

  [Alberto Milone]
  * checkbox/contrib/ Added library for getting gtk.gdk.Screen object
    checkbox/contrib/ Added library for manipulating graphics
    settings similar to how xrandr does it.
    scripts/brightness_test: Added automated test to verify that backlight
    settings are properly honored
    scripts/color_depth_info: Added script to get info on color depth and pixel
    scripts/graphics_modes_info: Added script to gather info on the supported
    graphics modes available
    scripts/rotation_test: Added script to automate screen rotation testing
    jobs/, jobs/ Added jobs to take advantage of
    the new scripts added to Checkbox

  [ Sean Feole ]
  * scripts/wifi_reconnect_resume_test, jobs/wifi_resume_time added.
  * Fixed an output issue in scripts/wifi_reconnect_test that was not handled
    in the original merge. Also tweaked error messages to be more useful.

  [Chris Wayne]
  * Added in bluetooth_test and related jobs for automated bluetooth
 -- Sylvain Pineau <email address hidden>   Mon, 20 Aug 2012 18:13:17 +0200

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