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claws-mail-extra-plugins (3.7.10-3ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * Merge with Debian.  Remaining Ubuntu changes:
    - debian/patches/add-missing-include.patch: Add missing include to fix
      FTBFS on amd64.
    - Build-depends against libwebkitgtk-dev instead of libwebkit-dev
    - Integrate important bug fixes from upstream's official PPA.  Added DEP
      3 headers to quilt imported patches.
 -- Barry Warsaw <email address hidden>   Mon, 21 Nov 2011 08:47:48 -0500

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Barry Warsaw on 2011-11-21
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Ubuntu Developers
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claws-mail-extra-plugins_3.7.10-3ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz 181.7 KiB da1146870ba2dbe995a25584f3c67a7fc1bd4382443bbd826ccb3d3b02d5d423
claws-mail-extra-plugins_3.7.10-3ubuntu1.dsc 2.9 KiB c32fdf6a3acd5cd8ef1ba172ddf74c0a3158930974e7ac5bdeb15b0d43d50185

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Binary packages built by this source

claws-mail-acpi-notifier: Laptop's Mail LED control for Claws Mail

 This plugin for the Claws Mail mailer enables notification
 of new mail using the mail LED available on some portable computer
 models from Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu and IBM makers.

claws-mail-address-keeper: Address keeper plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin allows saving outgoing addresses to a designated folder
 in the address book. Addresses are saved only if not found in the
 address book to avoid unwanted duplicates.
 Selecting which headers are scanned for keeping addresses is also
 supported, one or several of 'To', 'Cc' and/or 'Bcc'.

claws-mail-archiver-plugin: Archiver plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail allows archiving of account's folders (IMAP,
 POP or local) as well as vcalendar folders.
 Several formats are supported (TAR, PAX, SHAR and CPIO) with optional
 compression methods (GZIP, BZIP2).

claws-mail-attach-remover: Mail attachment remover for Claws Mail

 This plugin for the Claws Mail mailer provides a way to remove unwanted
 attachments from received mails.
 All attachments can be removed or only the selected ones.
 All attachments are removed from the selected mails, there is no way to
 preserve an attachment while removing others.

claws-mail-attach-warner: Missing attachment warnings for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail warns the user with a popup window if some
 reference to an attachment is found in the composed mail text but no
 file is attached.

claws-mail-bsfilter-plugin: Spam filtering using bsfilter for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail allows filtering of spam messages using the
 Bayesian filtering program bsfilter.
 The bsfilter can be trained with spam and ham messages to improve its
 spam detection capabilities.

claws-mail-clamd-plugin: ClamAV socket-based plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin uses Clam AntiVirus to scan all messages that are
 received from an IMAP, POP or local account.
 When a message attachment is found to contain a virus it can be
 deleted or saved in a specially designated folder.
 Due to licensing issues this plugin does not link against any
 libraries from ClamAV. The plugin therefore requieres a ClamAV
 daemon running, either on localhost or somewhere else, for the
 plugin to access it via a Unix or TCP socket.

claws-mail-extra-plugins: Extra plugins collection for Claws Mail

 This is a metapackage for installing all extra plugins packages
 available from the upstream site for the Claws Mail mailer.
 See each individual package description for further details.

claws-mail-extra-plugins-dbg: Debug symbols for Claws Mail Extra Plugins packages

 This package contains debug symbols useful for debugging the plugins
 within the claws-mail-extra-plugins package with gdb or any compatible

claws-mail-fancy-plugin: HTML mail viewer using GTK+ WebKit

 This plugin for Claws Mail allows rendering of HTML email messages
 in the message window.
 It uses the GTK+ port of the webkit library to render HTML.

claws-mail-feeds-reader: Feeds (RSS/Atom) reader plugin for Claws Mail

 The RSSyl plugin provides feeds reading capability for Claws Mail mailer.
 Supported formats are RSS (1.0, 2.0 and probably 0.9x versions) and
 Atom feeds.
 It integrates also with dillo viewer plugin to allow online browsing
 of entries, and has per-feed customization features, transforming
 your Claws Mail into a powerful lightweight feeds reader.

claws-mail-fetchinfo-plugin: Add X-FETCH headers plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin for the Claws Mail mailer enables adding useful extra headers
 to the reveived mails with information like the receiving account or the
 server the mail was downloaded from. These extra headers can be used for
 filtering and/or processing messages more appropriately.

claws-mail-gdata-plugin: Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail

 This plugin provides access to the Google services using the
 GData library.
 Current implemented feature is to make your Google contacts
 available for automatic completion of address headers when
 composing a mail message.

claws-mail-geolocation-plugin: No summary available for claws-mail-geolocation-plugin in ubuntu precise.

No description available for claws-mail-geolocation-plugin in ubuntu precise.

claws-mail-html2-viewer: HTML mail or attachment viewer for Claws Mail

 This plugin enables viewing HTML mails and mail attachments within
 the Claws Mail message window.
 The plugin uses a self maintainted improved version of the gtkhtml2
 HTML rendering widget.

claws-mail-mailmbox-plugin: mbox format mailboxes handler for Claws Mail

 The mailMBOX plugin for Claws Mail provides the ability of handling
 existing mbox format files using the libetpan library.
 Once added, these files appear like mailer's native mail folders.

claws-mail-multi-notifier: Various new mail notifiers for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail mailer collects several ways of notification
 of new (and possibly unread) mail to the user. Currently, a popup window
 and a mail banner are implemented.

claws-mail-newmail-plugin: New mail logger plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin for the Claws Mail mailer writes a summary of new messages'
 headers to a log file.
 This summary is written on arrival of new mail and after sorting it.

claws-mail-perl-filter: Message filtering plugin using perl for Claws Mail

 This plugin enables filtering of Claws Mail messages using perl
 regular expresions and, in fact, giving all the perl features and power
 to the filtering engine.
 A tool for converting the current filter set of the user into a equivalent
 perl script suitable for the plugin is also provided.

claws-mail-python-plugin: Python plugin and console for Claws Mail

 This plugin offers a Python scripting access to Claws Mail.
 It features a console for testing and scripts can be saved for
 later usage as new menu items.
 Currently only interface with menu options is implemented.

claws-mail-spam-report: Spam reporting plugin for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail allows sending reports about spam
 messages received to spam harvesting sites online.
 Currently are supported the and
 sites and also the Debian lists spam nomination system.

claws-mail-tnef-parser: TNEF attachment handler for Claws Mail

 This plugin for Claws Mail allows reading of application/ms-tnef
 attachments. These attachments usually come from Microsoft mailers
 with the name 'winmail.dat'.

claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin: vCalendar message handling plugin for Claws Mail

 The vCalendar plugin for Claws Mail provides vCalendar message
 handling (the meeting subset of the vCalendar format), displaying such
 mails in a nice format, letting you create and send meetings, and creating
 a virtual folder with the meetings you sent or received.
 The functionality is similar to the provided by Evolution for that mails.