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debhelper (8.0.0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

  * Merge with Debian (LP: #614787); remaining changes:
    - dh_installinit: Add --upstart-only and --onlyscripts-upstart modes.
    - Add various autoscripts for above: postinst-upstart,
      postinst-upstart-replace, postinst-upstart-restart,
      prerm-upstart, prerm-upstart-norestart, preinst-removeconffile.
    - dh_installudev: Change default init.d symlink priority to 40.
    - dh_installchangelogs: Do not install upstream changelog in compat level
      7. This floods packages with huge upstream changelogs which take
      precious CD space.
    - dh_strip, dh_makeshlibs: use triplet-objdump, triplet-objcopy and
      triplet-strip from cross-binutils when cross-compiling; Debian #412118.
    - add dh_apparmor and autoscripts
  * debian/rules: override build target to set executable bit for dh_apparmor
    before actually running dh build, that is in order to get the manpage
    built for dh_apparmor.

debhelper (8.0.0) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Carsten Hey ]
  * dh_fixperms: Ensure files in /etc/sudoers.d/ are mode 440. Closes: #589574

  [ Joey Hess ]
  * Finalized v8 mode, which is the new recommended default.

debhelper (7.9.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * perl_makemaker: import compat(). Closes: #587654

debhelper (7.9.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * In v8 mode, stop passing packlist=0 in perl_makemaker buildsystem,
    since perl_build is tried first. Avoids the makemaker warning message
    introduced by the fix to #527990.

debhelper (7.9.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Started work on Debhelper v8. It is still experimental, and more
    changes are planned for that mode.
  * dh_installman: Support .so links relative to the current section.
  * dh_installman: Avoid converting .so links to symlinks if the link
    target is not present in the same binary package, on advice of
    Colin Watson. (To support eventual so search paths.)
  * Add deprecation warning for dh_clean -k.
  * dh_testversion: Removed this deprecated and unused command.
  * debian/compress files are now deprecated. Seems only one package
    (genesis) still uses them.
  * dh_fixperms: Tighten globs used to find library .so files,
    avoiding incorrectly matching things like "foo.sources". Closes: #583328
  * dh_installchangelogs: Support packages placing their changelog in a
    file with a name like HISTORY. Closes: #582749
  * dh_installchangelogs: Also look for changelog files in doc(s)
    subdirectories. Closes: #521258
  * In v8 mode, do not allow directly passing unknown options to debhelper
    commands. (Unknown options in DH_OPTIONS still only result in warnings.)
  * In v8 mode, dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared
    libraries it generates shlibs files for. This means that -X can be
    used to exclude libraries from processing by dpkg-gensymbols. It also
    means that libraries in unusual locations, where dpkg-gensymbols does
    not itself normally look, will be passed to it, a behavior change which
    may break some packages. Closes: #557603
  * In v8 mode, dh expects the sequence to run is always its first parameter.
    (Ie, use "dh $@ --foo", not "dh --foo $@")
    This avoids ambiguities when parsing options to be passed on to debhelper
    commands. (See #570039)
  * In v8 mode, prefer the perl_build buildsystem over perl_makemaker.
    Closes: #578805
  * postrm-init: Avoid calling the error handler if update-rc.d fails.
    Closes: #586065
 -- ALEFHAHMEEMDAL ALEFLAMMEEMHAHMEEMWAWDALYEH (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) <email address hidden>   Tue, 10 Aug 2010 12:45:25 +0300

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أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) on 2010-08-10
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