dokuwiki 0.0.20091225c-8 source package in Ubuntu


dokuwiki (0.0.20091225c-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/rules: remove lib/exe/multipleUpload.swf from binary package, as it
    cannot be built from source, violating the Policy. (Closes: #592593)
  * debian/NEWS: document that removal and how to get
    lib/exe/multipleUpload.swf from the upstream distribution.
  * debian/postinst: correct wrong plugin path
     + in the dpkg-statoverride. (Closes: #592653)
     + in the symlink creation. (Closes: #592656)
  * debian/po/de.po: debconf template translation update
     + German, thanks to Holger Wansing. (Closes: #592651)
  * debian/copyright: explicited the license of lib/_fla/* (the Flash-base
    multiple upload applet).

dokuwiki (0.0.20091225c-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/po/fr.po: debconf template translation update
     + French, thanks to Steve Petruzzello. (Closes: #591252)
  * debian/control: bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no change

dokuwiki (0.0.20091225c-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/postinst: check existence of conffiles before chown/chmoding them:
    the user may have deleted them. (Closes: #589263)
  * debian/po/*.po: debconf templates translation update
     + Czech, thanks to Miroslav Kure. (Closes: #589566)
     + Danish (new translation), thanks to Joe Hansen. (Closes: #589095)
     + Spanish, thanks to Francisco Javier Cuadrado. (Closes: #590051)
     + Portuguese, thanks to Rui Branco. (Closes: #589086)
     + Russian, thanks to Yuri Kozlov. (Closes: #588950)

dokuwiki (0.0.20091225c-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/preinst: remove useless ucf association with
  * debian/postinst:
     + make /etc/dokuwiki/local.php readable by the web server.
       (Closes: #588699)
     + transition to plugins and templates under /var/lib/dokuwiki/lib,
       see below.
     + remove auto_prepend_file from Apache configuration: it only works
       with mod_php and is now useless, see below.
     + generate wiki configuration file /etc/dokuwiki/local.php candidate
       event if there is already one: ucf is here to allow the user to manage
       the conflict.
  * debian/postrm: do not call lighty-disable-mod if lighttpd is not
    installed. (Closes: #588700)
  * debian/copyright: integrated the BSD license, as it will be removed from
  * debian/control: updated Standards-Version to 3.9.0, taking into account
    the BSD license removal from common-licenses.
  * debian/patches/fhs.diff: modified lib/plugins/acl/ajax.php to define
    DOKU_INC to its location under Debian. (Closes: #588405) (LP: #589469)
  * Added an ucf historical md5sum file for
  * conf/license.php: backported an upstream commit to fix the CC-BY-ND
    license URL (btw, this license is inappropriate for a wiki, and will be
    removed in the next upstream version). (Closes: #531353)
  * Added a lintian override for a template detected as unused because
    lintian does not understand Perl config scripts.
  * Moved templates and plugins to /var/lib/dokuwiki/lib, to reproduce the
    original hierarchy of DokuWiki, so that plugins with standalone scripts
    can find it where they expect it. Cf.

dokuwiki (0.0.20091225c-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control:
     + added Vcs-* fields (correct ones, this time).
     + removed useless build-dependency on sharutils.
     + switch from Uploader to Maintainer.
  * Added debconf and postinst support for special file system rights:
    optional web-writeable configuration and plugins. (Closes: #572502)
    (LP: #219414, #205908)
  * Added debconf and postinst support for wiki configuration.
    (Closes: #404353)
  * debian/templates: corrected templates according to advice from
  * debian/config: removed non-translatable titles.
  * debian/preinst: removed useless exit 0.
  * debian/postinst:
     + made the plugins and template transition to /var/lib/ more robust
       for some specific cases.
       (Closes: #572377)
     + corrected web server reload command (file descriptor #3 redirection,
       see bug #446324).
     + write configuration for apache2 only if autoconfiguration for apache2
       is requested.
     + apache2 configuration: added preload.php as an auto_prepend_file
       for the plugins directory, to set the base DokuWiki directory for
       plugins that need to find it.
     + use full path for lighttpd-{enable|disable}-mod.
  * debian/postrm:
     + updated content purging rules with more precise ones.
     + moved #DEBHELPER# placeholder to the end.
     + removed old commented part.
     + use full path for lighttpd-{enable|disable}-mod.
  * debian/rules:
     + updated to debhelper 7 new syntax: implicit catch-all rule and
       dedicated overrides.
     + updated special permissions rules with more precise ones:
        - the web server only needs write permissions to the data and cache
          directories and files.
        - root:www-data is more appropriate for web apps configuration files.
  * Added auto-configuration for the lighttpd server. (LP: #489987)
  * Disabled the built-in update notifier, not relevant for a distro-managed
    software. (LP: #325013)
  * Updated the debian footer button: cleaner Debian spiral, HTML code similar
    to the other buttons.
  * Removed the symlink to /etc/dokuwiki not to expose it to the web.
  * Moved the prepend.php to the new upstream-supported inc/preload.php
    and removed the now useless PHP preload code from the .htaccess.
    Cf. <>.
  * debian/copyright and patches: clarified the licences of files that were
    taken from other projects.
 -- Alessio Treglia <email address hidden>   Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:28:17 +0200

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Alessio Treglia on 2010-09-04
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Tanguy Ortolo
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