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dpkg ( hardy; urgency=low

  [ Soren Hansen ]
  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
   - Add m_strdup to mlib.
   - Use i686 for lpia in cputable and triplettable.
   - Hack Dpkg::Arch to return i686 for lpia.
   - tarfn.c:
     + Avoid freeing uninitialised h.{Link,}Name (can cause crash if .deb
       becomes unreadable while we start up).  (LP #138887)
     + Use m_malloc instead of malloc (and ditch ad-hoc error handling).

   Launchpad integration:
   * Implement changelog-closes-bugs for Ubuntu (see
   * Add Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed to dpkg-genchanges too, to make it not
     complain about unknown fields.

   * scripts/dpkg-source.pl: Check that debian/control complies to
     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField: Refuse to build a source
     package if we have an Ubuntu version number, but Maintainer: is not an
     Ubuntu address. Output a warning if there is no XSBC-Original-Maintainer:
     field for packages with an Ubuntu version number.
   * scripts/dpkg-source.pl: Only fail to build the source package if $DEBEMAIL
     contains 'ubuntu'. If not, only print a warning.
   * debian/control: Change Maintainer/XSBC-Original-Maintainer field.

   Trigger support:
   * Implement triggers as per
     http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2007/04/msg00076.html (changes too
     massive to enumerate here).
   * Add "Breaks: apt (<< 0.7.6ubuntu6), aptitude (<<", as
     triggers add two extra states, which apt and aptitude before then do not
     know about.
   * An early version of trigger support caused LP #133172. To fix which
     systems have had the broken version work we have to rename
     triggers/Deferred to triggers/Unincorp.  The error messages, comments,
     etc. will be improved later.

   Status-fd changes:
   * Changes to --status-fd and logging, motivated by the need to
     fix apt's progress reporting in the presence of triggers (not introduced
     in this version, but accidentally left out of previous merge's changelog
    - Call log_action for trigger processing and configuration.
    - Produce "processing:" output on --status-fd for start of
      processing operations (from log_action).
    - Consolidate clone-and-hack --status-fd output writing into
      routine statusfd_send[v].
    - Improve documentation of --status-fd output.
    - Add log message at start of archivefiles() and packages()
      (which will assist debugging).
    - For upgrade, call log_message after printing to stderr,
      as is done elsewhere.
    - avoid closing fsys tarfile pipe twice even in normal
      operation - normally EBADF but might sometimes close some other
      desired fd and cause hideous doom.  (LP #137191)
    - avoid duplicate attempts to [f]close in obscure error
      situations which might conceiveably close wrong fds
    - cast &fd to void* when passing to push_cleanup cu_closefd
    - fix parse.c:parsedb to use ehflag_normaltidy in a sane way
    - when passing &fd to push_cleanup cu_closefd, make fd always static
      In the longer term --status-fd output ought probably to be made
      identical to the log output which is richer and more sanely
  * New with this merge: Added test case for Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed.

  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * dpkg-buildpackage: Set a set of environment variables for setting
    compiler and linker options, unless already set in the environment.
    See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistCompilerFlags for the details.

 -- Soren Hansen <email address hidden>   Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:42:49 +0100

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Soren Hansen on 2008-02-11
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Ubuntu Development Team
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dpkg: package maintenance system for Debian

 This package contains the low-level commands for handling the installation
 and removal of packages on your system.
 In order to unpack and build Debian source packages you will need to
 install the developers' package `dpkg-dev' as well as this one.

dpkg-dev: package building tools for Debian

 This package contains the tools (including dpkg-source) required to
 unpack, build and upload Debian source packages.
 Most Debian source packages will require additional tools to build -
 for example, most packages need the `make' and the C compiler `gcc'.

dselect: user tool to manage Debian packages

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