dpkg 1.17.7ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


dpkg (1.17.7ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
    - Allow -fstack-protector on arm64 now that GCC and glibc support it.
    - Change native source version/format mismatch errors into warnings
      until the dust settles on Debian bug 737634 about override options.
    - Add DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES environment check so that higher-level
      tools can get untranslated dpkg terminal log messages while at the
      same time having translated debconf prompts.
    - Special-case arm{el,hf} ELF objects in Shlibs/Objdump.pm for multilib.
    - Map unqualified package names of multiarch-same packages to the native
      arch instead of throwing an error, so that we don't break on upgrade
      when there are unqualified names stored in the dpkg trigger database.
    - Add logic to the postinst to `dpkg --add-architecture i386' on new
      installs on amd64, mimicking our previous behaviour with the conffile.
    - Apply a workaround from mvo to consider RC packages as multiarch,
      during the dpkg consistency checks. (see LP: 1015567 and 1057367).
  * Drop obsolete migration code and guards from pre-trusty dpkg versions.

dpkg (1.17.7) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Documentation:
    - Mention in deb-symbols(5), that the “main-dependency-template” is
      always used. Closes: #737731
    - Clarify in deb-control(5) «Multi-Arch: no» field omission.
    - Clarify in dpkg-buildpackage(1) --check-option description.
    - Document dpkg-query --control-path life expectancy. See: #699647
    - Fix indentation of “Extract options (with -x)” title in dpkg-source(1).
    - Improve symlink <-> directory switch information in
      dpkg-maintscript-helper(1). Closes: #739388
    - Add missing flags affected by hardening options to dpkg-buildflags(1).
  * Use exit instead of return to exit a subshell in dpkg-maintscript-helper.
    Thanks to Richard Levitte <email address hidden>. Closes: #738957
  * Localize $_ in Perl functions with while (<$fh>) style loops.
  * Perl test suite cleanup:
    - Switch test suite runner from ExtUtils::Command::MM to Test::Harness.
    - Enable colors in test suite runner.
    - Remove sequence number prefixes from test case filenames.
  * Do not generate perl warnings on nonexistent fields with
    «dpkg-parsechangelog --show».
  * Fix bogus message on dependency parse errors in dpkg-checkbuilddeps.
    Closes: #736778
  * Document is_pgp_signed as a public Dpkg::Control::Hash option.
    Closes: #735975
  * Do not generate perl warnings on undef versions in
    Dpkg::Deps::deps_compare(). See: #737731
  * Clarify dpkg-genchanges error message on binary builds without any binary
    artifact built. Closes: #726520
  * Improve dpkg-source warning message when ignoring file removals,
    by adding a hint about the --include-removal option.
    Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff <email address hidden>. Closes: #738310
  * Add a new dpkg-source extraction --ignore-bad-version option.
    Closes: #740883
  * Add Architecture and Build-Profiles information to Package-List field,
    as optional name=value1,value2 entries, with names «arch» and «profile».
    Use the now recognized field Build-Profiles from binary stanzas in the
    source control file to fill the «profile» value.
  * Do not interpret the .dsc filename as a regex when recomputing the
    md5sum for the .changes file after signing the .dsc. Closes: #742535
  * Cache vendor info Control::Hash objects in Dpkg::Vendor::get_vendor_info()
    when parsing the vendor file on each hook invocation.
  * If the vendor does not have a Dpkg::Vendor module, try loading a module
    from the parent vendors, before falling back to Dpkg::Vendor::Default.
    Closes: #735978
  * Set Ubuntu build flags for ppc64el instead of ppc64, as Ubuntu never ended
    up shipping a ppc64 architecture. Also honor noopt DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS flag.
    Thanks to Adam Conrad <<email address hidden>. Closes: #738691
  * Add OpenRISC or1k support to cputable.
    Thanks to Christian Svensson <email address hidden>. Closes: #736717
  * Add support for FCFLAGS, OBJCFLAGS and OBJCXXFLAGS build flags.
    Closes: #744326
  * Improvements and portability fixes to start-stop-daemon:
    - When using the Linux procfs switch to use /proc/PID/status instead of
      /proc/PID/stat to read the process name.
    - Add a generic KVM-based implementation to initialize the entire
      process list.
    - Fix FreeBSD KVM code to use current kinfo_proc layout.
    - Add a native FreeBSD pid_is_exec() method, which is more reliable than
      the KVM-based one, and means neither linprocfs nor procfs are required
      on such system anymore. Note that GNU/kFreeBSD is still using Linux
      procfs code (which ends up using linprocfs).
    - Fix OpenBSD KVM code to use current kinfo_proc layout.
    - Detect system specific headers at configure time instead of hardcoding
      their usage depending on system macros.
    - Add a new --ppid matching option to check for parent PID.
      Suggested by Alex Mestiashvili <email address hidden>.
    - On GNU/Hurd do not link unnecessarily against libshouldbeinlibc and
  * Set TAR preprocessor variable at build time instead of hardcoding it.
    This will allow non-GNU systems to easily use another value for their
    GNU tar, which is usually either gnutar or gtar.
  * Require compound literals support in the compiler at configure time.
  * Fix compound literals usage with compilers in C99 mode, by not assigning
    them to static variables.
  * Test suite cleanup:
    - Do not unnecessarily shut up stdout in t-subproc.
    - Test command_exec() exit code.
    - Test allocations with new test_alloc() instead of pass/fail macros.
    - Switch C test suite to use TAP.
  * Add support for Packages-files in dpkg --update-avail and --merge-avail
    from pipes, or standard input if the argument is omitted or is ‘-’.
    Closes: #357093, #367297
  * Error out on not-installed packages passed to «dpkg --verify».
  * Deprecate compressing .deb files with bzip2, by making dpkg-deb issue a
    warning, as the compressor has been superseded by xz when it comes to
    compression ratio, and in cases where higher compatibility or raw speed
    is desired gzip is still the better option. Although unpacking will be
    kept being supported to handle existing bzip2 compressed .deb files.
  * Use GNU tar's --no-unquote when using -T in dpkg-deb to avoid mangling
    filenames. Reported by Niels Thykier <email address hidden>. Closes: #743687
  * Backup all databases with user data, not just the status database.
  * Add Conflicts to dpkg against packages using install-info that were
    removed after lenny or squeeze, but may have survived upgrades to wheezy.
    Thanks to Andreas Beckmann <email address hidden>. Closes: #735159
  * Be verbose on «make check» errors by printing the test suite log.

  [ Updated dpkg translations ]
  * German (Sven Joachim).
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
  * Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan). Closes: #745032
  * Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân).

  [ Updated scripts translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).

  [ Updated manpages translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
  * Italian (Beatrice Torracca). Closes: #742449
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).

dpkg (1.17.6) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Move signing in dpkg-buildpackage to the end of the build.
  * Add new --check-command and --check-option options to dpkg-buildpackage,
    and DEB_CHECK_COMMAND environment variable as a default value, to
    specify a package checker to use before the signing process.
  * Detect a missing gain-root-command even if dpkg-buildpackage is running
    as root.
  * Detect a missing sign-command in dpkg-buildpackage, before starting the
    build, to avoid a failure at the end of the process.
  * Remove trailing newlines from dpkg-deb warning message.
  * Change dpkg-deb conffile name length warning into an error, as dpkg will
    reject those packages at install time anyway.
  * Unify and clarify dpkg-deb and dpkg conffile name length error message.
    Closes: #108196
  * Add new start-stop-daemon --pid option. Closes: #253265
  * Mention Multi-Arch: no value in man pages. Closes: #732648
  * Correctly hyphenate binary-only and source-only in dpkg-buildpackage
    output messages.
  * Use makedev(3) when extracting .deb archives rather than ad-hoc
    computations, to be able to support large major/minor device numbers,
    supported on at least Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD based systems.
    Thanks to Peter Chang <email address hidden>.
  * Turn the ARM Embedded ABI symbols blacklist into a regex, to stop having
    to keep up with the GNU toolchain, or other toolchains emitting different
  * Blacklist GOMP critical section symbols. Closes: #708033
  * Add support for Ignore-Blacklist-Groups field in symbols files, with the
    two available group values aeabi and gomp. Closes: #694524
  * Allow updating checksums in Dpkg::Checksums without erroring out.
  * Add shell hooks support to dpkg-buildpackage, based on the debuild
    implementation in devscripts 2.13.9. Closes: #476221
  * Add support for Testsuite source field.
  * Clarify error message about missing revision in non-native source package.
    Closes: #719348, #733746
  * Set default compression options in source format specific modules instead
    of dpkg-source. This makes sure the correct compression level is set, even
    for “3.0 (native)” packages with non-default compressors. Closes: #733326
  * Change default source package compressor for new formats (>= 2.0) to xz.
  * Ignore the same packages in «dpkg-query --list» when computing the
    column width as when printing the entries. Closes: #734114
  * Do not produce .deb archives with uncompressed gzip members on
    «dpkg-deb -Zgzip -z0», instead create them as non-compressed members,
    as if -Znone had been passed, as documented. Closes: #718295
  * Add support for .deb archives with a control member not compressed
    (control.tar) or compressed with xz (control.tar.xz).
  * Add support for creating uniformly compressed .deb archive members,
    with the new dpkg-deb option --uniform-compression.
  * Fix file descriptor leaks in diversions and statoverride databases.
    Closes: #734783
  * Allow missing prior-version argument in dpkg-maintscript-helper
    dir_to_symlink and symlink_to_dir commands. Closes: #733980

  [ Updated dpkg translations ]
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
  * Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân).

  [ Updated scripts translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).

  [ Updated manpages translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
  * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
 -- Adam Conrad <email address hidden>   Mon, 21 Apr 2014 18:14:10 -0600

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