dvbcut 0.5.4+svn178-2 source package in Ubuntu


dvbcut (0.5.4+svn178-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Team upload.

  [ Fabrice Coutadeur ]
  * Adapt package to use debhelper tiny form:
    + debian/rules:
      - use debhelper tiny form
      - Adapt dh_auto_configure target for automake build system
      - Delete generated files in override_dh_auto_clean to be able to build
        dvbcut locally twice
    + debian/dvbcut.menu: rename menu file to dvbcut.menu to makes it
      automatically installable by debhelper
    + debian/dvbcut.install: rename install file to dvbcut.install as stated in
      the debhelper manpage and Manually installs files to avoid the local
      update of the mime database
  * Change back build system to autotools so that qt4 patch can be adopted
    upstream (Closes: #656793).
    + debian/control:
      - Drop scons build dependency. It's not used anymore.
      - Drop cmake dependency
      - Added b-d on autoconf to generate configure script
      - Added b-d on pkg-config, used to get qt4 libs and includes
    + port-to-qt4.patch:
      - Drop cmake files from qt4 patch
      - Update configure and src/Makefile.in for qt4
    + This allows the automatic installation of desktop file and icon 
      (Closes: #660009)
  * Refresh fix-ftbfs-libav0.7 patch to use -pab as quilt arg. This makes futur
    refreshes lighter.
  * Rename docs to dvbcut.docs and manpages to dvbcut.manpages to follow
    debhelper recommendations. thanks bojo42 for the tip.
  * fix_gcc_4.7.patch: fix FTBFS with gcc 4.7 because of missing include.
    (Closes: #667154)

  [ Alessio Treglia ]
  * Add patch to fix "Unable to open stream" error. (LP: #875030)
  * Update debian/copyright to copyright format 1.0.
  * Bump Standards.

 -- Alessio Treglia <email address hidden>  Tue, 24 Apr 2012 12:54:45 +0200

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Debian Multimedia Maintainers on 2012-04-24
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Debian Multimedia Maintainers
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dvbcut_0.5.4+svn178-2.dsc 2.2 KiB 886237e84129d7cbe032eac0c138e9ff79c1dc4cc64353e89a71307ed2367694
dvbcut_0.5.4+svn178.orig.tar.gz 1.0 MiB 064e6582731171f1c7d6aeabe0baf83a62698ad7e749f13f624d51b08007f7f4
dvbcut_0.5.4+svn178-2.debian.tar.gz 50.9 KiB 20b4b3b4d958e314cff78e69a17ba1cb4886f1d7490dc06a80b9186c754de438

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dvbcut: Qt application for cutting parts out of DVB streams

 DVBcut is a Qt application that allows you to select certain parts of an
 MPEG transport stream (as received via Digital Video Broadcasting, DVB) and
 save these parts into a single MPEG output file. It follows a `keyhole
 surgery'' approach where the input video and audio data is mostly kept
 unchanged, and only very few frames at the beginning and/or end of the
 selected range are re-encoded in order to obtain a valid MPEG file.