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gnome-power-manager (2.26.1-0ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low

  * New upstream release 2.25.91:
    - Rewrite engine to support DeviceKit-power
    - Rewrite statistics graphing application to support DeviceKit-power
    - Start in the GNOME Panel phase, not the GNOME Applications phase so we
      work with the fast user switch applet.
    - Don't show the discharging icon when the status is unknown.
    - Remove translatable flag from gtk-refresh stock button.
    - Ask for edge triggers on system idle time, not level triggers.
    - Add a configure option for --enable-legacy-buttons to support HAL and Xorg
      keys. By default we are now only supporting Xorg events.
    - Fix compile failure with gcc-4.4.0 and old versions of glib2.
    - Add processor wakeup support into gnome-power-statistics.
    - Don't rely on the gnome-screensaver idle key now we are using
    - Lots of bug fixes.
    - Translation updates.
  * New upstream version 2.25.92:
    - Fixed #529214, Need longer timeout periods.
    - Fixed #571330, gnome-power-manager shouldn't start on session panel
    - Fixed #571950, make default-button have a floppy in it.
    - Fixed #485103, Don't crash if there's no gnome-session.
    - Fix double free when passed --version.
    - Fix the battery history when using a new DeviceKit-power.
    - Fix up the icon when we are state unknown, and very close to the
      charging capacity.
    - Disable the ambient light sensor by default.
    - Translation updates.
  * New upstream version 2.26.0:
    - Translation updates.
  * New upstream version 2.26.1:
    - Fix the low capacity warning to fix rh#489832.
    - Convert a floating reference to prevent a GTK warning.
    - Backport DPMS and IDLETIME fixes from master to fix multiple bugs.
    - Connect to gnome-session and exit on logout.
    - Use G_GINT64_FORMAT to fix compile on 64 bit computers.
    - Trivial build fix.
    - Translation updates.
  * debian/
    - Add libdevkit-gobject-dev build dependency. Also add devicekit-power
      build dep, since configure checks for its path at build time.
    - Replace hal dependency with devicekit-power.
    - Add new upstream build dependencies: libcanberra-gtk-dev, libunique-dev
  * debian/rules: Enable PolicyKit support.
  * debian/rules: Drop moving of autostart .desktop, fixed upstream.
  * Update patches to new upstream version:
    - 03-system-policy.patch
    - 25_sparc_char_to_int.patch
    - 74-disable-quirks-reference.patch
    - 94-fix-light-sensor-scaling.patch
    - 96_feedback-notify-osd.patch
  * 14_inhibit_tool.patch: Include one-line change of, to avoid
    complete autoreconfiscation.
  * Drop obsolete patches:
    - 11_round_percentage.patch: Does not apply at all any more, no LP#
      reference, apparently not upstream.
    - 12_warning_gconf_update.patch: Does not apply at all any more (code
    - 17_icon_cache.patch: Fixed upstream.
    - 18_policy_action_fallback.patch: Does not apply at all any more (code
    - 24_interactive_shutdown_dbus.patch: Fixed upstream.
    - 70-suppress-pm-actions-on-ltsp.patch: Does not apply at all to DKP
      backend, and it seems the DKP backend does not complain about missing
      keys at all anyway.
    - 75_disable_Werror.patch: Package builds fine with -Werror, and keeping
      it is a good idea. Fix the bugs, don't hide them!
    - 76_autoreconf.patch: None of the remaining patches change autotools
      files any more.
    - 77-hal-brightness-in-hardware.patch: Fixed upstream.
    - 78-xrandr-hal-fallback.patch: Does not apply at all any more (code
      rewrite), no bug/upstream reference, and needs to be completely
      re-thought with DKP backend.
    - 79-randr13-speed-fix.patch: Fixed upstream.
    - 90-Add-guarded-brightness-stepping-functions.patch,
      91-Using-guarded-and-scaled-stepping-when-dimming.patch: Does not apply
      any more, no changelog documentation, no bug refs; author contacted via
      email, asked for re-doing and opening upstream bug.
    - 95_dont_listen_for_suspend_X_key.patch: I believe this isn't necessary
      any more, since g-p-m does not listen to hal at all any more. If
      this version starts causing suspend-after-resume for you again, please
      speak up in LP #306310.
  * Disable 09_lid_always_blanks.patch, needs to be redone to apply to current
    version, and also sent upstream.
  * Disable 26-notifications.patch: needs to be redone due to code rewrite.
    (by Canonical Desktop Experience team)
  * Drop 04-battery-low-icon-change.patch; it does not apply at all any more,
    and wasn't sent upstream.  Icons for 2.26 changed a lot, thus this needs
    some more work anyway. This reopens LP #344886 for Karmic.
  * debian/ Drop unneeded autotools-dev and autoconf build
  * 21_idle_key_removal.patch: Add proper declaration, to avoid warning (which
    is fatal due to -Werror).
  * Add bzr-builddeb configuration (merge mode).
  * debian/watch: Look for development versions, too.
  * debian/rules: Configure with --enable-legacy-buttons, to receive ACPI
    button events from hal (such as lid closing or power button).

 -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>   Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:59:38 +0200

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Martin Pitt on 2009-04-29
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Ted Gould
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